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Genuine Factory IMEI iPhone Unlock Website You Should Use

There are a lot of websites that promise to factory unlock the iPhone permanently for a fee. However, a lot of these websites are scammers and have caused a lot people pain and regret thereby making the little number of legitimate website difficult to track and even use. Factory unlock also known as IMEI unlock solution is that unlocking method that gives you the ability to use your iPhone with carrier and doesn't expire or re-lock when you update your iPhone firmware. If you have been looking for a genuine and legitimate website to factory unlock your iPhone locked to any network, then you are in luck. Personally, I use just two websites so far, I have been using them for like 2 years now and they have factory unlocked my iPhone all the time without stress. I guess one of the reason for the success rate is that  have good communication with the owners of the website and i can call them friends. One of the website is . This website is more like an

iOS 8 Ready To Be Unveiled Next Week Alongside These Other Products

Apple is set to start it's WWDC 20014 in a week time; June 2nd - 6th to be precise taking place in San Francisco. This year's WWDC will see the unveiling of iOS 8, OS X 10.10 and other products Apple have been working on particularly the Home Smart software.  Sources have revealed that Apple would probably not unveil the iPhone 6 and the iWatch at the WWDC 2014.   The venue which is in San Francisco is already being decorated with iOS 8 banners and prepared for the event and we are equally going to be giving up to date information during the event.  One area we would be interested in is how Apple hopes to use the newly acquired Beats Inc to make the iPhone and services better.  There's quite a lot to expect from Apple iOS 8 and we shall be bringing you the info.  Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for smartphone gist. 

Instagram is Currently Down: See How To Avoid Being Affected

If you are having problem with posting those lovely selfies and images on Instagram and you are blaming your internet, then it should interest you that the problem isn't with your internet connection but with Instagram itself.  Guys over at Instagram have made a proclamation on Twitter stating that they recognize the issue which emanates from them and they are currently working on fixing it as shown in the image below.  Folks have already shown their displeasure at the inability to upload pictures on Instagram in a series of tweets on the Instagram Twitter handle.   In other not to be affected, try not to sign out of your Instagram on your smartphone as you may find it difficult to sign in again. As usual, you shall be updated when the issue is resolved for those experiencing difficulties in uploading photos on Instagram.  Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more smartphone gist. 

Yahoo To Launch a YouTube Rival This Summer

It has been reported that Yahoo is set to launch a YouTube rival this summer. According to reports, the service was supposed to have launched since April 2014 but was delayed due to contract issues. Reports says that the new service will be more generous when it comes to revenue sharing with creators. Currently, Google's YouTube takes 45% of ad revenue but Yahoo seeks to give much more to the creators than for itself. According to PCmag videos would only be made available on the YouTube contender from companies that Yahoo would have handpicked. Hence, uploading of videos by anyone won't be allowed.   It will be interesting to see how this works out for Yahoo under the leadership of Marissa Mayer currrent CEO of Yahoo. (pictured above) Like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter for more smartphone news.

Apple Sued for Not Delivering Text Messages to Android Phone Users

A suit as been filed against Apple for not allowing text messages to get delivered to Android device users who switched from iPhone according to  Bloomberg . The suit was filled by a former iPhone user who switched to Android and realized that his messages failed to deliver over a couple of days. The suit which was filed in a federal court in San Jose, California reads as follows:  Apple’s iMessage retains text messages sent from other users of Apple devices and won’t deliver them to her Samsung Electronics Co. phone running on Google Inc.’s Android operating system, Adrienne Moore said in the complaint filed yesterday in San Jose, California. People who replace their Apple devices with non-Apple wireless phones and tablets are “penalized and unable to obtain the full benefits of their wireless-service contracts,” according to the complaint. It is believed that text messages get stuck briefly or permanently if sent to someone that switched from an Apple device to a non

Comparison Between Gionee Elife E6 versus Tecno R7 Smartphone

It is not often that we compare Tecno devices to Gionee devices, however, this time we are taking time to look at spec comparison between Tecno R7 and Gionee Elife E6 smartphones. we compared their basic specifications side by side in other to see which is most desirable and more optimum in terms of price and spec for the basic to advanced android smartphone user. In our comparison, we use a color coded table to show both strengths and weakness. In the table below, the cell with the green colour signify strength with respect to specification while the other colour signify weakness. Furthermore, the higher the number of green cell for any of the smartphone the more it counts as a better device. However we would like you guys to be the judge. From the table above its very apparent that Gionee put in a lot of good stuff in the Elife 6. For example, The Elife has a sharper and brighter screen compared to the Tecno R7. Also, the Gionee is slimmer in thickness comp

Apple Won't Unveil iPhone 6 at WWDC

Apple is set to begin it's annual WWDC conference in June 2nd 2014 however New information going through the internet have suggested that Apple won't be unveiling it's much anticipated iPhone 6 to the world at this year's WWDC. Although, Apple may not unveil the new iPhone at the WWDC event, it is believed that Apple would be unveiling a new kind of product according to the Financial Times.  The Financial Times on Monday reported that Apple is ready to unveil “a new software platform” that will allow iPhone users to control lights, appliances and security systems in their homes. FT’s anonymous sources say that the move is a “big play” that will compete with rival offerings from Google and Samsung, and the solution will be shown off during Apple’s WWDC keynote on June 2nd. According to sources, this new software/product called Home Smart would make it possible for you to control your lights, doors etc with your iPhone.  Also, at the 2014 WWDC, Ap

Download The New Google Play Store 4.8.19 APK Now

A new Google Play Store apk with version number 4.8.19 was just recently released with a number of updates. One of the update is the PayPal support when making purchases. Also, slight UI changes have been made to the Play Store app to give it a more polished look with bigger header images in video and book section. You can download the new Google Play Store apk for your Android phone or tablet from here . Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more smartphone gist.

LG G3 High Resolution Images Leaks Ahead of May 25th Announcement

LG is set to unveil its next generation high end smartphone that would battle with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC M8 come May 25th 2014. When things like this are said to be announced, people like to get a sneak peek into the device before its unveiled just to ease off the surprise. Well, to help with that, a very good and high definition render of the LG G3 smartphone have been leaked by guys from phoneArena . From the images, you would agree that the device will have a very premium aluminum finish just like the HTC M8 which will make the LG G3 smartphone very stunning. The LG G3 is expected to have a 5.5 inch display with an incredible resolution of 2560 x 1440 and will pack a 16 mega pixel rear camera with a powerful flashlight. Also, a Snapdragon 801 quad core processor will be embedded in the device to power the smartphone. Drawing conclusions from the images above, it will be safe to assume that the LG G3 will come in colours; gold, white and

Infinix Race Jet 4G Edition Announced With Android KitKat 4.4.2

Infinix Mobility, the French based company have announced that come July 2014, they would be releasing a new version of the popular Infinix Race Jet.  The announcement was made today at the Medpi 2014 event in Monaco. This new version of the Infinix Race Jet known as the Infinix Race Jet 4G or Infinix X505 is targeted at young and trendy customers. As the name suggests, it would be supporting 4G LTE network technology and would be running Android KitKat 4.4.2 which is the latest Android version. The device which is already scheduled to release in July 2014 has a stylish design, more stylish than its predecessor and would feature a 5.0 inch brilliant qHD display with a resolution of 960 x 540. Furthermore, the Race Jet 4G will have a MTK 1.3GHz Quad Core processor running inside with 8GB of internal memory and 1GB RAM. The device will pack in a good 8.0 mega pixel camera at the back with a flash light to take pictures in low light areas while the

Split Screen Multitasking on iPad with iOS 8 Announced

iPad is set to receive split screen multitasking feature when loaded with the iOS 8 firmware as announced by  Mark Gunman of 9to5Mac. calendar and safari shown in split screen This new feature would make the iPad able to display 2 or more apps on the screen with each app shown side by side and can be interact with simultaneously; like the image shown above which is a concept render by Sam Beckett. This means that one can be watching a YouTube video on one side of the screen while creating a note on Evernote on the other side of the screen. Currently, the Microsoft Surface and the Samsung Galaxy Tabs have this feature allowing for more productive multitasking. Although, Apple fans are not in high numbers clamoring for a feature like this, yet, it would be nice to have this feature on an iPad.  iOS 8 is sure going to bring a good number of features when it finally lands.  Beta versions should start showing up before the WWDC2014. Like our Facebook page and like u

Tecno R7 versus Tecno AIII Spec Comparison

Before the Release of Tecno R7 in April 2014, one of the best and well done smartphone from Tecno Mobile was  the Tecno AIII which was released in December 2013. The AIII saw good success as it has some good amount of premium feel to it. Also, its a phablet that was released for those that one want bigger screen smart device.  However, the Tecno R7 which is a smaller smartphone in terms of size is making its way to heart of many. Its more handy and yet with a good screen size that won't make it look too bogus. The R7 is the most recent Tecno's high-end smartphone. We consider the basic and more salient specs between each devices to see what they both have to offer. The image below says it all. We use colours to show where a particular spec becomes more than the other. The green colour shows a strong spec while the darker colour suggest the opposite. The Tecno AIII is obviously a great phone but the price is quite scary when compared to the Tecno R7

Tecno H7 Specifications and Price Details

Tecno R7 is barely 2 weeks old since it was released for purchase and there is yet another new TECNO device available. This new and latest Tecno phone is known as Tecno H7. Initially, it was a rumor but we did confirm this and we are presenting you with its specifications and price as listed below. Network: GSM/WCDMA with bands GSM900 / DCS1800 / W2100MHz SIM: Dual SIM and Dual Standby Dimensions: 143.5 * 72.7 * 8.75mm Operating System: Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Processor: MediaTek MT6582 quad core 1.3GHz with embedded GPU Internal Memory: 4GB + extra 8GB SD card inside free but can be expanded to 32GB SD card. RAM: 1GB Display: 5 inch TFT QHD type multi touch display  Resolution: 540 * 960 (220PPI) Camera: Rear facing is 8.0 mega pixel BSI camera with flashlight while front facing camera is 2.0 mega pixel BSI camera. Resolution of  images captured by the rear camera can be as high as 2448 * 3264 while that of the front camera c

BlackBerry Windermere Leaked Specifications

For BlackBerry to continue to stay relevant in the smartphone industry, it has to innovate and release cutting edge smartphones. BlackBerry Windermere is one of those cutting edge smartphone that we believe BlackBerry is working on. The information which was first seen from CrackBerry suggests that the device will have new physical keyboard layout with a lovely 4.5in LCD display to go with it. According to sources, BlackBerry Windermere would have a display resolution of 1440 x 1440; that is 453PPI,  which is very outstanding if you ask me. Furthermore, it is said that the device would have a 13 mega pixel rear camera with image stabilization built it as well as a good 3,450 mAh battery that would allow the device to last longer during use. Finally, leaked information suggest that the device would see a new keyboard layout that would make it faster and easy to type, while the weight and thickness of the device will also be reduced making for a sleek and beau

New Google Maps Update Gets Even Better

When it comes to the choice of using maps navigation, Google Maps is still the number one followed perhaps by Nokia Here. However, with the latest update to Google Maps few days ago, Google added a very vital and important information to navigation that you won't find on any other competing navigation system.  The latest Google Maps update which is version 3.00 now gives you Turn by Turn navigation with lane guidance and quick access to route overview.  Sometimes one passes and exit because of staying on the wrong lane and have to proceed to the next exit which is quite unpleasant, having to spend more on gas and time consuming too. However, with lane guidance, you will be well prepared in advance an move to the proper lane before entering and exit. This way, navigation would be more efficient and precise.  Among other updates included in the new Google Map update is the ability to save offline maps to a custom list in case you are traveling or in a pl

Infinix X501 Smartphone Full Review

There's a plethora of smartphones being released in a year that it's almost impossible to keep up with these smart devices. Even from the same manufacturer, one can sometimes not take note of very good and quality smartphone due to the flagship device overshadowing other devices until you come across one. Luckily, we happen to come across a very solid smartphone manufactured by Infinix known as the Infinix Race Jet or simply Infinix X501 which was released in early October 2013. Below is a detailed review of the Infinix Race Jet alongside a video review here Form Factor The first time I came across the X501, I was immediately fascinated by its simplicity and handiness. In fact it was so pretty I had to ask the owner of the device. It looks quite exquisite, feminine yet capable enough to do a man's job if you know what I mean. The Infinix race Jet which weighs just 0.776w/kg has a sleek and slender which is very stylish. Its comfortable to hold

Tecno R7 Detailed Information, More Images and Specifications

Tecno R7 is the latest TECNO Mobile latest flagship smartphone that is caught attention of many smartphone enthusiast out there in the Nigerian atmosphere especially Tecno Fans. Tecno R7 succeeds the Tecno Phantom A+ which was released like a year ago. Tecno R7 is absolutely a beautiful piece of smartphone with its sleek and shiny plastic material. The specs and features of the phone combined with its price tag makes it easy to love. We already did an article of the Tecno R7 specs and you can read about it through this link however, for the sake of pointing out new specs and features we observed with the R7, we would give a quick brief of the specs after stating the things we didn't mention earlier.  New Observations First of all, it would be great to state that the Tecno R7 is slimmer than the A+, taller and of course with a wider and sharper screen (5.5''). It has a shiny, well polished plastic casing. Upon purchase of the Tecno R7, you get a pow

Samsung Ordered To Pay Apple $119.6 million

The legal battles between Samsung and Apple is like one between Batman and Joker; its not going to end anytime soon. Samsung has been ordered to pay $119.6m (£71m) to Apple by a US court for infringing two of its patents. The "slide to unlock" feature was one of those under scrutiny. A jury in California delivered its verdict in a federal court in San Jose on Friday in the latest lawsuit involving the two tech giants. During the month-long trial, Apple accused Samsung of violating patents on smartphone features. The court also ruled that Apple infringed Samsung's patents and awarded $158,000 in damages. Apple had sought $2.2bn after accusing Samsung of infringing five of its patents covering functions such as the "slide to unlock" from its devices. Samsung denied any wrongdoing and sought $6m after arguing Apple had infringed two of its smartphone patents related to camera use and video transmission.