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How To Update To iOS 7 and Jailbreak It Untethered

iOS 7 for all supported Apple devices have been available for sometime now however not everyone has updated their compatible devices to this latest iOS version. This can be partly due to the drastic makeover that iOS 7 brings doing away with the skeuomorphism found in iOS since its inception that so many people have come to love or partly due to the fact that there is no untethered jailbreak for iOS 7 until now. If you fall into the category of those that haven't updated to iOS 7 due to non availability of untethered jailbreak, then it's time for you to upgrade because there's now a stable working jailbreak for iOS 7 and we shall be guiding you through the process after the break. Note 1. If you depend on Gevey unlock solution, this process won't make Gevey work for you as your baseband would be updated. Therefore, you should stay away from this update until there is a way to preserve baseband while updating to iOS 7.  Needed Items To Up

Breaking, Saurik Releases Cydia Substrate Totally Compatible With iOS 7

The much expected compatible substrate for iOS 7 have finally being released by Saurik. Initially, we told you that Saurik didn't have the knowledge that Evad3rs was going to release a jailbreak for iOS 7 at the time it was released, thereby taking Saurik aka Jay Freeman off guard. The immediate consequence of this was that Cydia which is a very important component of a jailbroken device was not totally compatible for use on iOS 7 especially in the substrate needed for fluid installation of certain Cydia tweaks. This has caused issues and have not allowed the installation of certain apps and tweaks. However, thank God for Saurik, a fully compatible version of the substrate for iOS 7 is now live and valuable for download from Cydia. The Cydia Substrate which is now in version 0.9.5000 brings compatibility with iOS 7 and ARM64 CPUs used in iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPad mini 2. It means that most tweaks can now function properly and effectively. Head o

The Dangers of Using a Smartphone

Specific Absorption Rate known as SAR is a measure of how much the human body absorbs radiation from smartphones. It is measured in watts per kilogram. There is no agreeable concept between scientist which shows that using a smartphone impact negatively on health to date. However, some groups of scientists (EWG) who carried out some experiments in 2009 came to the conclusion that radiation absorbed over time from using smartphones causes health issues like migraine, vertigo, tumors of the salivary gland, brain cancer, tissue damage, forgetfulness and low sperm count.  Conversely, another group of scientists also did their research and came to the conclusion that there is no concrete evidence to show that the absorption of radiation due to the usage of smartphone cause any problems to the human body. However, one thing that is agreed upon by various bodies monitoring the absorption of radiation by the human body is that anytime a smartphone is placed to the ear while maki

How To Fix Boot Loop on iPad 2 When Jailbreaking With Evasi0n7

iPad 2 owners trying to jailbreak their device on iOS 7 with the evasi0n 7 tool have been experiencing a boot loop issues. This have actually sent back-off warnings to some that hold the thought of wanting to jailbreak their iPad 2. Fret not brothers, the solution to that problem is here and thanks to the evad3rs, its pretty easy to fix. In other to fix this lingering boot loop problem, one just need to go over to the evasi0n website to download the new evasi0n 7 1.0.2 beta that was released not too long ago. Although, success reports have been heard for those that have used the fix yet you should note that this is a better and may not work for since its still a work in progress. The truth is that more update to the evasi0n tool would come until all the dust is settled. So if you are not too eager to jailbreak, you can wait till the evasi0n tool becomes totally complete, may be at version 1.2. Download evasi0n from here     Anyways, let us know if this wor

How To Fix Evasi0n7 Configuring System 2/2 Error When Jailbreaking iOS 7

There are all kinds of errors that can happen when jailbreaking iOS but when it comes to using Evasi0n7 tool there's is only one error that have become noticeable during the jailbreak process. This error happens when you begin the process of jailbreaking and then it gets stuck at the Configuring System 2 /2 stage.  Quickly, the guys at IDB also encountered the same problem and decided to ask Britta, a close friend of Saurik, who now shed light on the reason for the error.  Well, if you also encountered the same error we are talking of here, then the problem lies in your Windows computer.  As far as we know, the error is due to your computer not having enough computing speed to carry out the task the way it should. To get this fixed, you are advised to end any heavy duty application you are running on your computer, end any iTunes related task, make sure you have enough RAM on your computer.  If you are running the process on a VMware, you should consid

Tecno S5 Hands-on Review, Images and Price

Amongst the many smartphones released towards the end of the year by TECNO Mobile, one that we have not really given you a hands-on review on is the Tecno S5 smartphone. Tecno S5 along with others like the P9, M9 etc is one of those smartphones that was released at the later part of December 2013. The device is primarily designed for those with low budgets and want to begin using an Android device without so much cost but with good enough functionality. Below, is a detailed review of the Tecno S5 smartphone as we had the opportunity of using and playing with the device for a good amount of time.  Form and Appearance Tecno S5 form takes a cue from the Tecno M7. It has curved edges smooth and then a almost flat back. It can easily be place on a flat surface without any qualms. The design and feel on the hand is not too different from how one feels when holding the Tecno D9 only this time, its smaller and can be well gripped compared to the 6" D9. At the fr

Day 5 of 12 Days of Gifts Is Huge

Today is the 5th day of the 12 Days of Gifts for Apple devices and the gift available to download free is a great movie called HUGO.   If you are in the mood to see a nice movie to give both adventure and also makes for a great way of relaxing, then you can go get the free movie. Mind you, the download is about 4.31GB on HD and 1.85GB SD version. Also, you need to have the 12 Days of Gifts app already installed on your Apple device.  Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more smartphone news. 

Evad3rs Releases Update For The Cydia Version of Evasion 7

Evad3rs just released an update of the evasion 7 iOS untethered jailbreak tool to Cydia.  The update which brings the Cydia package to version 0.2 seek to put some things in place and to also remove the Taig app store. The update is a version of the standalone 1.0.1 which can be downloaded directly from the website. This new update removes the Taig app store and adds additional important features required for future releases of MobileSubstrate. According to the official Change log on Cydia, the update is the same as that gotten from the standalone 1.0.1 version and those who already did the jailbreak with the 1.0.1 version don't need to apply this new cydia version of the evasion 7 package. For those that don't have this, you need to fire up Cydia and then search for Evasion 7 and then download the package as you would normal Cydia packages. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more smartphone news.

Spinlet Takes Music Disovery To The Next Level

Nigeria music industry is on fire right now, everything seems to be steering in the right direction, but, that success isn't reflected in the smartphone community. There are no well built mobile apps to make Nigerians enjoy songs on the go from their mobile devices by streaming.  This is where Spinlet , the Nigerian version of Spotify comes to the rescue. Spinlet is that mobile app that allows you to listen to your music with ease on your smartphone. Spinlet is a music player but also a great music streaming app for those music lovers. The app is well polished and built. Its really amazing how light weight it is and it has since replaced the stock music player that came with our Infinix Android Smartphone. Yesterday, the creators of Spinlet app made Boxing Day fun for a lot of folks with the musical concert that was organised at the Main Auditorium Hall, University of Lagos Akoka. The event was wonderful with the seats filled with great ladies an

12 Days of Christmas Gifts By Apple Begin

For those that have an iPhone or an Apple device, you would recall that Apple released an app to give gifts starting from Boxing Day 26th - January 6th 2014.  Well, today is Boxing Day, the day we unwrap gifts and Apple have taken the wraps off the gifts to those that are interested. For us here using the US App Store, the gift we got is Justin Timberlake iTunes Festival songs. The songs performed by Justin is shown and you can download them for free. Mind you, the gift for each day would expire at the end of the day and a new gift will then be released for download. If you are interested in this free gift, you should download the 12 days of Gifts app and install on your Apple device. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more smartphone news.

Tecno D9 Versus Tecno M9 Comparison

Do you think that Tecno D9 is just a version of the AIII ? Or do you think the extra cash expended on the AIII is worth it? Lets find out. Tecno D9 is the latest smartphone in the phablet series that is in the medium end range. A lot of folks love it because its pocket friendly and does the job of a tablet for a basic user. Tecno Phantom AIII also known as the M9 is the star of the phablet series that was recently released. Though a little pricey, yet its a very capable phablet device.  Now, we shall be stacking the D9 against the high end Tecno M9 phablet also known as the Phantom AIII to see if the extra cash spent on the AIII is worth it. Both devices are both having a 6.0 inch IPS touchscreen and are just weeks apart in terms of release. So, let starts the comparison of basic specifications and see if the extra cash expended towards the AIII is worth it. We shall be employing a colour coded table for easy identification and judging. The colours ar

Tecno D9 Smartphone Detailed Hands-On Review

Tecno is presently a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian smartphone industry with the consistency at which their budget friendly products are being released. One of the newly released products is the Tecno D9 smartphone which was released few weeks ago. The D series is a medium end smartphone from Tecno with large screens that is supposed to appeal to those with tight budget but still want to have a taste of high end smartphone.  Well, Tecno went all out this time around, trying to satisfy the "D" series lovers and we are about to give you a good detailed review after the break. Outer Appearance Tecno D9 is a well built device with very stylish modern finish. Holding it on your hand alone, you would know that Tecno didn't rush things when it was being manufactured. Although, it comes in two different colours (black and white) we had the privilege of handling and toying with the black version of the D9. At the top side of the device sits th

How To Fix iPhone 4 Bootloop During iOS 6.1.3 Untether Jailbreak

If you are among those experiencing the bootloop issue when trying to untether jailbreak your iPhone 4 with the newly released iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 released by iH8sn0w, it would interest you that there is a fix for it. iH8sn0w just posted the fix for the bootloop issue. This fix is presented below. Follow the instructions carefully. Boot Loop Fix 1) Download this Java runtime binary of msftguy's SSH RD Creator. 2) Put your iPhone 4 into DFU and wait for it to tell you to connect to localhost:2022 3) If you're on a Mac, use terminal and type "ssh root@localhost -p 2022". If you're on a PC, grab PuTTY and type localhost in Hostname, and 2022 under Port. 4) Enter "root" for the User Name. 5) Enter "alpine" for the Password. 6) Copy & Paste this one line bash command: while [ ! -d /mnt2/mobile ]; do; done; printf '\xD3\x8E\x95\xD4\x44\x47\x32\x2E\xA1\x5F\x9F\x9B\xE7\xE8\x8F\xDC' | dd of=/mnt2/unt

How To Jailbreak iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 Untethered

Yesterday, Sunday 22nd felt like Xmas for a lot of folks due to the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak that was released by the evad3rs team and today feels just like boxing day due to the release of an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 /6.1.4 by iH8sn0w assisted by Saurik.  I can not imagine all that is happening right now in the jailbreak community but one thing is sure, this new iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 untethered jailbreak would bring even more smiles to jailbreak loving folks or those stalked on a tethered iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 jailbreak.  If you are one those craving the untethered jailbreak of iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4, follow these steps as suggested by iH8sn0w.  Steps Hello everyone, With the unexpected release of the evasi0n7 jailbreak, we are finally able to release the 3GS/A4 6.1.3 + 6.1.5 untether Cydia package. To grab it... 1) Have a tethered jailbreak (either via redsn0w [Point to 6.0 IPSW] or sn0wbreeze). 2) Open Cydia. 3) Click the "Changes" tab in the footer