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BlackBerry CEO Says BlackBerry Messenger Would Be Available Before Summer end

Mi BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins announced that Blackberry messenger for iOS and android would be available before the end of summer this year.  This means that before the end of September there should be BlackBerry Messenger in the Apple app store and Google play store for download. Furthermore, the CEO reaffirms that the application would be free of charge and would support iOS 6 and above for Apple products and Android 4.0 ICS for android devices. BlackBerry Messenger Would only support group and personal messaging at launch but would expand into BlackBerry channels, voice chat and other features found in the BlackBerry 10 version. If blackberry messenger gets released you can be sure of  a massive download that may even crash sever. Are you waiting for BBM to drop and want to be the first to know? Follow this blog or follow me on Twitter and like the page on Facebook

Download Latest Skype for Unlimited Video Messaging

An update to Skype app for iPhone have been released today to the App Store with new features and performance upgrades. Skype is still a force when it comes to VoIP even though the likes of Viber are trying to make head way. Go to the App Store to get your upgrade and enjoy unlimited video messaging 

Blackberry Q5 Versus Blackberry Q10

Finally, Blackberry Q5 have finally been unveiled and released for purchase in selected countries like the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and its making its way to Africa and some other parts of the world. According to Blackberry , Blackberry Q5 is targeted at developing countries and for those that can't afford to spend a whole lot of cash on the Blackberry Q10 The Q5 and Q10 look so alike that it is almost impossible to spot the difference from a meter away if you are not conversant with Blackberry devices. Looking at Blackberry Q5 from a distance, you may not be able to tell its difference from a Q10 except you are a user and of course the price tag attached to the device will let you know which is which since Blackberry Q5 is cheaper. The question is, what is the difference between Blackberry Q5 and Blackberry Q10 ? The answer to that is presented below to you in a tabular form. As seen from the table above, you would notice that Blackbe

Something Bigger than iOS Jailbreak On the Way

Something big is coming soon to the iOS community. This was the impression that we got from the recent tweet by one of the popular hackers out there by the name of Joshua Hill aka @p0sixninja. He said according to his tweet as shown below that "I got a lot of amazing things coming to you soon. Think bigger than jailbreak" We have no idea what he is really talking about, especially the phrase "think bigger than jailbreak" which is a huge topic in IOS community. What can be bigger than Jailbreak? Bootrom Exploit for A5(X)/A6(X) devices? or something even huge? Something that will win the war between Apple and Jailbreak community for a longer period or ability to downgrade iPhone 4S and iPhone 5?   There's possibility that a bootrom exploit is in the works.  You will recall that the last bootrom exploit developed by Geohot is still at work for pre A5 devices that allow them to be jailbreakable at least tethered. Another bootrom exploit

Infinix Race Max Q or X530 smartphone

Infinix have come forward with thier latest design in the works and of course you saw it here first. The battle ground in the smartphone industry is filled with soldiers like Samsung, Apple , Nokia, HTC and Blackberry especially in Europe and America. However, in Africa and Nigeria especially, the new sets of soldiers alongside Samsung , Blackberry and Nokia are TECNO - Mobile and Infinix . Speaking of Tecno - mobile , their latest flagship phone known as Tecno Phantom A or Tecno F7 as received huge accolades from users and carriers alike to the point that Etisalat Nigeria as keyed in. However, Infinix haven't gotten that much of a recommendation and they are doing everything in their power to get to that level with the near introduction of Infinix RACE Max Q to the Nigerian market. To combat how Tecno Phantom A is out shinning their brand, Infinix have decided to release their next flagship smartphone known as Infinix X530 also called Infinix Race Max

iOS 7 beta 2 Now Available for Download

iOS 7 beta 2 is now available and was released to developers for testing few hours ago. This time around iOS 7 beta 2 is now available for iPhone, iPod, iPad and iPad mini with download links below available.    Although, iOS 7 beta 1 had quite a  few criticism due to missing features and childish icons,  this beta iOS 7 beta 2 sought to fix that by improving and addition of new features which are presented below. 1. Voice memo is now included in this version 2. Apple's Siri male and female voice now in English. 3. Safari feels flatter and response faster. 4. General bug fixes to avoid incessant crashing of apps. 5. Stronger Wi-Fi password suggestions for Personal Hotspot 6. Messages now shows message sending properly, and delivered and read 7. Notifications are properly spaced. 8. New Exchange logo in Mail 9. Voicemail now works 10. Traffic option in Notification Center 11. iTunes & App Store settings are now combined in Settings

Fake BBM Application in the Google Play Store

Just today, we have noticed a fake Blackberry Messenger in the Google Play Store that have been submitted and already getting downloads and points. Already, 1,870 people have downloaded this application that could be either a malware or virus. As stated, this application wasn't developed by Blackberry (formerly Research In Motion) company but made by some folks who are either trying to gain attention of Blackberry company or wanting to get inside the devices of Android users.  Please be warned not to download this app. Blackberry haven't officially released the real Blackberry messenger and when it does we shall be very well pleased to let you know. Stay tuned to this blog for information on when the genuine Blackberry messenger will become available for both Android and iOS devices.

How to Install Viber on Windows and MacOS Computer

Installing Viber on Windows and MacOS computer is pretty very easy and straight forward much like the mobile versions on Android , iOS and Windows Phone . I would not be wrong to say that Viber needs little or no introduction at all owing to its huge success and popularity and have taken over other VoIP apps by storm and currently giving Skype a good competition. Just as Skype is available for PC and mobile devices for all platforms, so also is Viber available cross platform on all PC and mobile devices and allows you to send free text messages and calls to other Viber users. However, unlike Skype which you need to register with your email and a password, Viber do not require an email registration; just your phone number is needed. When installed you have all your contacts  The procedure for getting and setting up Viber for PC is as detailed below. Requirements Windows and MacOS computers Procedures 1. Download Viber by clicking on Get Viber fro

Ascend P6: Samsung S4 & iPhone Killer Smartphone

The war is on and Samsung S4, HTC One and iPhone 5 smartphones See in serious trouble with the latest smartphone unveiled by Huawei called Ascend P6. Earlier today Huawei unveiled the world slimmest phone ever with a thickness of 6.18mm with weight of 120g and a front facing camera of 5 megapixel. Yes! 5mp front facing camera. This isn't even the grandest of all the features it has.  I bet you are amazed already and cant wait to hear more.  The body of this wonderful smartphone is aluminium and looks quite a bit like the iPhone 5 and will come in 3 colours of black, white and pink. A full details of the specification of this smartphone is as follows: Front camera: 5 megapixel with support to capture 1080p videos Back camera: 8 megapixel with full HD support. Thickness & Weight: 6.18m & 120g Operating System: Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 with emotion UI 1.6 Processor: 1.5 GHz quad core Huawei K3V2 processor. RAM : 2GB Storage: 8G

How To Get Unlimited Airtel Internet Data

Update: Airtel have disabled re- enabled the use of BIS for Android and other smartphones that are not for Blackberry devices. This means that if  you did subscribe for this package you won't would be able to use it on your Android phones. Tried it yesterday and it worked. F ast Internet is now within reach in Nigeria but the problem is data limitati on and price. In other to get fast Internet with no limitation one will have to part with a lot of money but with this new development it becomes very afforda ble with no limitation. Check out how to get this affordable fast and unlimited Internet data access. Requirements 1.   Registered Airtel line Procedures 1. Load up to N3000 on your phone 2. Dial *440*016# or send Bbum3 to 440 as a message 3. Immediately you would be subscribed to Airtel BIS package that would last for 3 months. 4. To use on laptops,  iPhone and Android, go to your Internet settings and input the following:   APN: In

How To Share Apps Downloaded From Google Play Store

You can now share apps you downloaded to your device directly from Google Play Store . Naturally, when apps are downloaded from the Play Store and it is installed to a device, it is almost impossible to know where the installation file is saved and it is not possible to share the app like you would share normal apps with the normal .apk extension. The purpose of this guide is to show how you can convert these directly downloaded apps to apk and share to other Android devices. Procedures 1. Download MyAppSharer app and install to your device 2. Launch application and you will see all your installed apps.  3. Select the app you want to convert to apk by checking the box at the right hand side and wait for it to process.   4. Select APK  by tapping the circular icon and click Share. 5. Scroll left or right to view sharing options, either via email, Bluetooth etc. All apps converted to APK can are saved to a folder called MyAppSharer w

Notable iOS Hacker @pod2g About to Adopt Android and Gives reason Why

Popular an notable hacker in the iOS community have shared his intention to leave the iOS ecosystem for Android ecosystem.  This tweeted as shown below. From the tweets, you will notice that he was displeased at the way iOS 7 crashes and the level of bugs it contains even its a beta 1 version. He also lamented the patronizing design implemented by Apple for iOS 7. In his words iOS 7 "is the worst move Apple did in a long time" There is a possibility that other notable developers and hackers may share the same thought as pod2g. E.g @pimskeks , @musclenerd , @ih8sn0w and others. Although, no word from them yet, there is a huge possibility they will spill soon on either how nice or ugly iOS 7 is.   What do you think of this development?

How to Downgrade iOS 7 to 6.1.3

Considering the total overhaul that have been seen in iOS 7, many would have updated to it just to try it out since no developer account is really needed to download an install the beta version of. iOS 7. However, should in case you don't like what you see yet and want to return back to your previous iOS version, you can use the guide below to achieve your goal.  As a kind of remainder, you can only restore or downgrade back to iOS that is most recent except if you have SHSH blobs saved for any non-latest iOS.  Requirements 1. iPhone 5, 4S, 4 2. iTunes 11 3. IPSW 6.1.3/6.1.4 4. Windows or Mac computer Procedures 1. Download your IPSW (6.1.3 or 6.1.4) and save on desktop. 2. Connect device to computer, place in DFU mode and launch iTunes. 3. At the summary page, hold down the shift button on your keyboard or Alt key if you use a Mac computer and click Restore iPhone. 4. Select your IPSW you downloaded and click OK. 5. iTunes will begin rest

Comparison: Tecno Phantom A, Infinix RACE Eagle and Samsung Galaxy S3

It is no new news when it comes to smartphones company trying to out do themselves, bullying one another. sometimes its as if smaller companies are not even allowed in the competition. Well,some may be feeble in some countries, while some are strong in other countries. TECNO _ Mobille is one of those smartphones that is strong in Africa and especially Nigeria and their smartphones are getting better to the point that it can be compared against some giant smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S3 and Infinix RACE Eagle. Tecno Phantom A If it were before, it would have been easy to spot the winner, but with the recent releases of TECNO and Infinix, it could become tricky to identify the boss especially when they are all Android devices.  Anyway, I would leave you guys to decide who the boss is with the specification  comparison among these devices.   Who is the winner now with all these comparison?

Apple iOS 7, A combination of Intellectual Property

Since the announce ment of iOS 7 at WWDC on Monday 14th, there had been series of applau se and resentment alike from both fans and non - fans of Apple. This is mostly due to the huge alteration given to the latest iteration of iOS that makes it look as though it was a large replica of Windows phone 8 and or Google jelly bean. However another story has surfaced suggesting that Apple copied intellectual property and embedded it into iOS 7 Photo App. Apple being a company that is very apt to taking people to court for using their intellectual property without properly acquiring the rights was caught doing same thing as inferred by some people. A feature called Moments built into iOS 7 Photo App which let users automatically organise pictures and videos based on date and location isn't a new feature at all. Stephen Orth, who is a Seattle based indie software developer last month released an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to the App Store with the same functionality as Apple&#

How To Download & Install iOS 7 Without Developer Account or UDID

Apple have done their thing again and its still the talk of the ecosystem. iOS 7 is still the most beautiful iOS ever made as far as some are concerned and some think otherwise. One thing is that one will not truly appreciate what has been done on the device by John Ive until you use this iOS on your device. Although, normally you shouldn't be able to download and install iOS 7 on your device without a developer account or UDID , but here we shall show you how to do this without UDID or developer account. Requiremnts iPhone 5, 4S, 4 iTunes 11 Internet Connection Warnings: 1. You would lose your jailbreak and wont be able to jailbreak after installing iOS 7 2. Don't update if you depend on Hacktivation of your device. If you do, you won't be able to get into your device. 3. You can downgrade back to your previous iOS when you get tired of iOS 7 Procedures 1. Download the appropriate IPSW for your device and place on your desktop. (othe

Meet The New Apple's iMAc Pro (Images)

Who is better allowed to comment on a device if not the maker of the device? The new iMac Pro is a wonderful piece of technology built to be a beast.  The following images says it all. What is there to say after all these? Nothing. However, as stated,  it would  be released and available this Fall