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How To make Your Own Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset

Google started building virtual reality headset using cardboard papers recently which have caught the attention of many due to the materials being used and the affordability of the built cardboard VR headset when compared to the likes of Oculus Rift and the Sony project Morpheus. The cardboard VR headset is simple to make and for those that will want to just save themselves the stress of making one, you can buy the unit for as low as $10 in various online stores. For builders, you will need the following items: 1. Cardboard Use the corrugated E-flute cardboard sheet for the viewer. Flute thickness should not be less than 0.06” (1.5mm), otherwise the viewer itself will become unstable. This typically manifests in bending when opening/closing the top flap. For Cardboard envelope assembly (best for die cutting), use at least 24” x 30” sheets. 2. Lenses Use the 45mm focal distance lenses. Asymmetric biconvex lenses work best as they prevent distortion around the edge

Infinix HOT Is Now Available For Purchase

Infinix HOT smartphone also known as the Infinix X507 is now available for sale  exclusively  on Konga website . The device which we already covered in an earlier post here and a video review on YouTube here is currently being sold for N12,900 including free data and other instant bonuses. The phone’s release comes just in time for the year-end festivities, providing the perfect gift for loved ones this special season. The Infinix Hot comes in several amazing colors - silk white, brilliant yellow, radiant red, bright green, charcoal black - complementing different tastes and personalities. Its unique luminous cover stands out at night and is designed to thrill young extroverts who love the nightlife. With a lower price tag than the Infinix Zero, the Infinix Hot delivers incredible value to its users.  It is expected to out-sell the Infinix Zero, which sold an incredible 20,000 units on Konga website within just 3 weeks of its release. A quick rundown of the specs

Infnix Hot Detailed Hands-On Review

Just few weeks ago, Infinix in partnership with Konga released a new smartphone called the Infinix Hot smartphone and we had the opportunity of testing the new Infinix Hot smartphone for 2 weeks to see how it performs especially in day to day usage. The following information after the jump describes in detail our experience with the Infinix Hot after 2 weeks of usage and will help folks on their decision to buy the smartphone. Opening the Package When we first lay our hands on the Infinix Hot, the packaging made us want to open it with speed. It comes in a white pack with "HOT" boldly written at the top, Infinix written at the top-left corner and 16GB written on the bottom - right corner the pack.  our hands was quick to unbox the pack so as to get access and see what the device actually looks like. Immediately, we unboxed the package, the smartphone was revealed and what we saw was a very beautiful smartphone with accessories and manuals. Quickly, we emptied the