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Smartphone Xmas Deals Started Already On Jumia

Christmas deals have already started in Jumia Online store. Its almost as if xmas came earlier this year with these deals. Some smartphones prices have been slashed and we know they would be further slashed in the coming weeks as Christmas approaches. However, for now the much anticipated BlackBerry Z30 which has all the gangster specs of Samsung S4 is now being sold for N95,995, Nokia Lumia 1020 is now going for N113,995, Tecno M3 for N13,295, Tecno M7 + pouch now selling for N25,495 and Tecno A+ going for N34,495. Now these prices can be further slashed when the coupon code OFFA0Zn is used when purchasing any items in Jumia online store. Who doesn't want to keep those extra cash in their pockets, save some money on any item they can save? We expect more deals to come as the year approaches December 2013, so keep your eyes peeled for great prices in tablets and smartphones.  Like our Facebook page and follow on Twitter for more smartphone news like thi

How To Downgrade From BBM 8.0 To Earlier Versions

BlackBerry recently released an update to the BBM application for both BlackBerry 10 OS devices and older Blackberry devices.  The new update comes with the much anticipated BBM channels which is almost like tumblr. However, the new update wasn't too good for those running the old BlackBerry devices because it was too slow. If you are one of those that updated to your BBM to 8.0 and its really slow you wanna downgrade, follow the steps below to get it done. Procedures 1. Delete the new BBM 8.0 by going to Options/Device/Application Manger and then locate BlackBerry Messenger from the list. 2. Delete BBM and reboot device. 3. Open your default BlackBerry Browser and use the links below depending on your OS type. To download this app, visit this page from your Blackberry browser and use the OTA link(s) below: OS6 devices OS7 devices OS7.1 devices Alternatively, you can use the following offline installer packs: OS6 devices OS7 devices OS7.

TECNO M5 Versus TECNO M7 smartphone

TECNO Mobile is on smartphone releasing spree. Barely a month ago, TECNO M7 was released and few weeks later TECNO M5 was also released. Click here and here to find out about their full specs. These two "M" series devices have a lot in common. Not only their form factor but in the hardware running inside them. The differences is only spotted when you come close to either of them and of course when purchasing one. In other to see if its totally worth to shell out that extra bucks for the TECNO M7, we have decide to present a very simple and straight forward comparison between the Tecno M7 and Tecno M5. The Yellow colour in the table shows where the spec is superior to the one in amber colour. Obviously, the final purpose is to help you decide on which of the device you fancy. Specifications TECNO M5 TECNO M7 Dimensions and Weight 135.6 x 68.3 x 10.5mm, 130g 146.7 x 76 x 10.45mm, 135g

How To Install Drivers With No EXE Extension

If you have been thinking of a way to install drivers that do not have the executable file, well you are not alone in this.  Not so many people are knowledgeable about things like that. With executable file (.exe) the installation proceeds when you click without the need to go to Control Panel but with a non-executable file, you would need to go to the device itself and execute the installation. Sometimes, Windows Update can go online to find and install these drivers and sometimes it may not install it.  However, its pretty easy to install drivers when only the core files are present with no executable file. Follow the guide below to successfully install the drivers for a device. All drivers can be installed this way Procedures 1. Download drivers and place them in a folder. For this tutorial, am using TECNO A+ drivers which I have downloaded into a particular folder. 2. Click on Control Panel and Select Device Manager. This would display various hardware attach

Tecno M5 Hands On Detailed Review

TECNO M5 is the latest addition to the "M" series of medium end smartphone. Its one of the smartphones that a lot of people have been waiting for and finally it dropped last week. Well, we have had the opportunity to lay our hands on one, both black and white colour and we will be giving you a good hands on review of what we saw after the break. Dimensions, Weight and Contents TECNO M5 is a medium range phone with dimensions 135.6 x 68.3 x 10.5 mm which makes it a very handy and as slim as the M7. It has a fairly curve body which helps in giving a nice grip when holding the phone. The M5 is weighing almost the same as the M7. On first buy, you get a flip case and the contents in the pack are battery, charging kit, earpiece and manuals.  As usual, the volume keys are at the top left side of the phone while the power button is situated at the opposite side of the Volume keys. Loud speaker is situated at the bottom back side of the phone with a small aper

How To Free Up Internal Memory Space On Android Phone

Is your Android phone internal memory space running low? Don't worry, there is a fix for it and its pretty easy.  Having experienced it myself, I looked for solutions to it and I got a few tricks that works.  The steps to fix this issue are highlighted below.  1. One of the ways to free up space is to move apps to SD card.  You can do this in the simplest way or in a more cumbersome way. The simple way is to download App2SD (App Mgr III) app on Google Play Store (it needs your phone to be rooted for it to work). Once installed, it will show you various apps installed on your phone internal storage and SD card storage. It will also show lists of apps that can be moved to SD card, those that can't be moved and the percentages of free space left on both memory types as indicated in the images below. Now all you have to do is tap on any apps listed in the "Movable" section and move these apps that are movable to your SD card. This will free u

Real Racing 3 Unlimited Money and Gold Hack

One of my favourite games on my Android phone is Real Racing 3.  It's a well made game that would appeal to lovers of racing games.  However how good this game is, I have one challenge which is that one earns to little money and gold to enjoy game play for 1 hour on a stretch. In fact, some cars out of the option because you may never get that gold or money to buy them.  This is where this guide comes in.  Just follow the guide below and should be able to have unlimited money and gold for your Real Racing 3 game for Android devices. Warning You would lose your previous profile and game will begin as new if you don't back up your data to the cloud.  Step 1 Download the hack from here . It's a zipped file Step 2 Extract zipped file and you will see a doc folder Step 3 Copy doc folder and place in Android/data/ folder.  Step 4 Override the initial doc file that is there or cut it out from it and replace with the new doc