All About Smartphones: HOW TO USE GEVEY SIM

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Gevey sim can now unlock iOS 6, 6.0.1 for iPhone 4S.
So many people with an iPhone depend on an unlock solution. There are many unlock methods for iPhone users. One is software unlock, another is hardware unlock and the final unlock is factory unlock.
With all these unlock methods, the best is still factory unlock because it brings no restriction to the phone. However, both software and hardware unlock have their issues in that they depend on  the baseband and iOS version of the device for it to work.
If you are a hardware unlocker using Gevey sim interposer, below is a step by step method to use the Gevey sim.
Make sure your device is jailbroken with preferably Redsn0w 

1. Purchase the Original Gevey sim for your device: Gevey Ultra, Gevey Ultra S etc. depending on your device
2. Make sure you do not upgrade your device baseband and OS above 4.10.01 and iOS 5.1.1 respectively.
3. Switch off your device, place your sim on top of the gevey chip.
4. Insert the gevey + sim into the device
5. Power on your device. it will present you with a status, click ACCEPT

Sometimes you might need to manually configure it to work and sometimes it works just fine.

6a.  After you click "Accept" your signal bar will show "No Service". Don't panic, wait 12 seconds
6b. Dial 112, wait 2 seconds and end the call
6c. Go to Settings and turn on "Airplane mode". wait until you see "No Sim Installed"
6d. click Ok and then turn off "Airplane mode"
6e.  At this point network bar will show up after 7 seconds

If you find out that your network isn't stable, go to Cydia and install ultrasn0w and ultrasn0w fixer... this worked for me.

If you power on your device, and its automatic, all you need to do is wait and let gevey do all the magic.

Gevey will dial 112 for you in the background and all other magical stuffs and you will get your network bars.
You can order your GEvey sim from or contact me via @akinloluife to purchase yours if you are resident within Lagos Nigeria.

This is how you use your Gevey sim interposer.
There are other sim interposers like RSIM, XSIM etc and they work almost with the same principle.

Thanks for reading.
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