All About Smartphones: Best 6 Games of 2012 for iOS & Android Devices

Friday, December 14, 2012

Best 6 Games of 2012 for iOS & Android Devices

When it comes to smartphones games, there are terrible cheap games and there are Excellent and stunning games. Look below for the best 6 games of 2012 on iOS and Android devices.

Playing games is one of my hobbies and when deciding to play a game, story line, graphics and sound effects of the game are my deciding factors for choosing the game I intend to play.
Obviously, there are more than enough games being released to the App Store for 2012 and it would be impossible to play all of them. However, there are quite a few games that stand out of the crowd due to the excellent gameplay & story line, stunning graphics and wonderful sound effects.
Consequently, I have decided to put together best 6 games of 2012 which I believe that you would agree with me that these games are just awesome.
They are not arrange in no particular in terms of quality..

1. N.O.V.A 3
This is a very interesting game with awesome graphics and story line. Its not too different from HALO on Xbox.

2. Asphalt 7
I love racing games. I have played some of the few racing games released this year and this particular one is still the best out there. 

3. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
Awesome game. The intro alone is enough to make your eyes go wide open. It's like playing COD modern warfare 3
With good graphics, wonderful sound and gameplay, you would just love it. You get to play not only as the good guy (elite squad) but you also play as the bad guy ( Page)

4. The Walking Dead: The Game
Every decision counts, making a wrong or bad decision will affect you in other episodes of the game.
With episode 2-5, you will be more than busy playing this game.
Kill those zombies! Make fast decision for not only yourself but for others too that rely on you.

5. FIFA 13
Football games are not so much in the App Store, but with the ones available like Pro Evolution Soccer, Real Soccer etc, this, FIFA 13 us by far one of the best out there.
It has stunning graphics, commentary and sound.

6. Dead Trigger
Oh I love me some good zombie killing fun games that are intense and this particular one is of a top notch quality. Comparing the size with the graphical quality and sound, you would be amazed
It's free to download.

There it is folks! Best 6 games of 2012 for both iOS & Android devices.

All games are available at the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play store for Android devices.


  1. Can't wait to get my GS3 then I'll fully appreciate all these games. Am missing out.


    1. You are seriously missing out on these games. If you are d gaming type then quicky get that GS3 or iPhone 4 & above


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