All About Smartphones: Blackberry 10: Features and Images

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blackberry 10: Features and Images

Blackberry 10 is the smartphone that many blackberry fans are earnestly looking forward to see early next year, precisely Jan 30th.
With so much secrecy and hype, this device seem to be the one that will bounce back the company to life.
Research In Motion have not given so much info into the specification of this anticipated device. However, with the images surfacing on the Internet recently and the tests that have been conducted on this device, it seems as though RIM is going to be a strong contender in the smartphone industry in 2013.
There are different types of the device
1. Blackberry 10 Aplha
2. Blavckberry 10 L - Series
Based on tests recently carried out, the browser speed of Blackberry 10 out performed both iOS and Windows Phone 8.
The browser will be in HTML5 and will be super fast.
Also, all messages will be in one place with single swipe to reveal all messages.
Furthermore, a new photo editor known as time shift allows you to go back in time to select and edit images to your taste.
Finally, typing and predictive text of this device is excellent.
All images are presented below for you to better understand how sweet this device could be when finally released

What to expect on the Blackberry 10
1. Rear camera of 8MP & Front camera of 2MP
2. 2GB of RAM, 2GHZ processor, in built 8GB &16GB HDD with Micro SD card.
3. Very fast performing browser
4. Touch screen with predictive text input
5. A revamped notification centre
6. All messages, emails, etc are grouped into one menu
7. Touch screen only
8. Blackberry 10 OS will not run on previous devices.

Below are leaked images of Blackberry 10

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