All About Smartphones: How To Update Your Blackberry OS Simplified

Thursday, December 20, 2012

How To Update Your Blackberry OS Simplified

How to update your blackberry OS
One common task that smartphone owners would always like to do issue updating of new operating system for their devices.
Blackberry device owners can update their device by following the step by step guide below. Please make sure you back up your device before doing this.

Needed Items
1. Internet Connection
2. A computer
3. Blackberry Desktop Manager software installed on the computer
4. Connection cable
5. New operating system higher than the one installed on your device.

Assuming you have all needed items, proceed as detailed below.
Step 1
Download the blackberry desktop manager onto your computer and install it. Once installed, launch it
Step 2
Plug in your device into the computer and let it install the drivers needed for your desktop manager to identify your phone.

Step 3
Download the new Operating System you want on your phone to the computer and install it.

Step 4
Once you have installed the new OS into your computer, go to this folder: local disk C:/program files/Common files/Research In Motion/App Loader
Once in this folder, delete the file Vendor.xml file completely from your computer and recycle bin.

Step 5
Once it's deleted, plug in your phone into the computer again. Once plugged in, you will be notified of an OS update. Click Update now for the update process to begin.
Please DO NOT DISCONNECT your DEVICE when doing this as it could brick your device if you do.
Step 6
When done, your device will reboot and it would be updated.

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