All About Smartphones: Facebook Acquires Whatsapp

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Facebook Acquires Whatsapp

There is one thing that Facebook and Whatsapp have in common: They are both social messeaging app that cut across all devices be it Nokia, iPhone, and Android devices.
There is also one thing that they don't have in common: Facebook believes in income generation via ads while Whatsapp do not believe in income generation via ads .

Whatsapp which is one of the apps that have seen positive usage since its inception in 2009 have been able to provide messaging services to countless number of people all over the world. The app doesn't charge a fee for sending text, audio or video messages, because it uses internet connection. One of the beautiful thing about this app is that it doesn't allow advertisement unlike other social messaging apps.
For some devices e.g Blackberry, Whatsapp is free to download while for some devices e.g iPhone it is a paid app. Nevertheless, this small app have continue to rise in popularity and have replaced the usage of SMS for many individuals.
It will be news worthy to note that Whatsapp do not generate income via ads

Facebook, a multi billion dollar company, is also a success story since it started. It is the number one social media sites in the world. This company have continue to grow exponentially, acquiring various companies e.g Instagram etc to further support their cause to be the leading social site in the planet.
Facebook generate income from ads placed on the website.
With all these acquiring that Facebook is getting, a recent information circulating the internet is the "potential" acquisition of Whatsapp social messaging app by the popular Facebook company.

Of course, the two companies involved hasn't said anything yet concerning this rumour. However, there's strong indication that there is an atom of truth in these rumors.
We will just chill for a while to see how true the rumours are.

What happens if Facebook acquires Whatsapp just as they did Instagram? Well, Whatsapp will obviously become a property of Facebook and will still continue to function, more income for the company and of course, users don't really care in as much as the app functions as it has always been.
The important thing is that it should get better rather get worse

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