All About Smartphones: Ultrabook Convertible: The New Line Of Laptop Computer

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ultrabook Convertible: The New Line Of Laptop Computer

With the speed at which smartphones and tablets are released to the stores these days, it would be difficult to keep up and of course get confused as to what device to buy. In fact, it is more difficult to make a choice when it comes to the purchase of a tablet or laptop computer since these two devices are becoming more alike e.g the new Windows Surface.
The brains at Intel have recognize these increasing difficulty in making choices and have decided to create a new line of products known as Ultrabook Convertible.
Ultrabook convertible is a device that can function both as a laptop and or a tablet. It s slick and compact.
This means that it is light weight, with touch screen just like a tablet and also can be flipped open as you would do a laptop with embedded keyboard, webcam, HDMI, VGA $ USB ports, Disc drive and Memory card reader.
Honestly, if you are having difficulty in choosing a tablet over a laptop, then your worries are over.
Other features of this device is that it packs in the Intel icore 5 & 7 processor, retina display resolution and all the goodies you can expect in a tablet and laptop, windows 8 and of course at a reasonable price.
Images are provided for you below.

One thing is certain, wether you prefer a laptop and still need a tablet, you will find these line of products satisfactory.

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