All About Smartphones: Auxo Multitasking Tweak Now Available For iOS 5.1.x

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Auxo Multitasking Tweak Now Available For iOS 5.1.x

Auxo which is a multitasking tweak now supports iOS 5.1.x.
Knowing how stagnant & boring the iPhone multitasking pane is from the inception of multitasking, it is no news hy a lot of folks would appreciate a little change in the way the multitasking is presented to users.
Auxo steps in this situation and dramatically revamped the way the multitasking works.
Double tapping the home screen reveals running apps in a card or tile form instead of the usual boring way. Also, a little info a added so that it will even be more easier to identify the app.
Furthermore, running apps gets killed just by swiping down on the apps. If you intend on stopping all running apps, you just have to press and hold any app and you will be presented with the options to remove all running apps.
Auxo can be downloaded from Cydia and cost only $1.99.
When downloaded, no app is installed on the Home screen but at the Settings pane, you will find Auxo there and can see extended functionalities and also find out more about the app in terms of Help & Creators.

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