All About Smartphones: Blackberry 10 hands on

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blackberry 10 hands on

Time is ticking and it's ticking real fast. By January 30th, RIM will unveil the Blackberry 10 device to the whole world. Until then, all we have is little insight. However, new images surfaces showing us a little bit of the workings and navigation flow of the Blackberry 10.

Smartphones and gesture go hand in hand. Not just the gesture or swiping but the flow and ease of displaying info to the user. In this regard, the Blackberry 10 have performed excellently well.

Swiping up from bottom of screen takes you away from the locked screen to reveal set of running apps which is like recently used apps. Swiping right takes you to the main home screen. Also, swiping left takes you to the Blackberry hub. As said in my earlier posts, all messages are now organized in one simple place. Finally, swiping down displays appointment details.
The blackberry 10 is quite slick in terms of gestures and swiping; no lag nor freezing.

Though this device is still in the works but the results gotten from various tests now are very promising and am sure that blackberry fans out there will love it when it finally gets out.
As of now, there's no hint to the pricing of this device but according to rumors, it will be around $400.

Are you excited already? Then stay tuned for more info as they come as regards this little Blackberry 10 device that will put RIM on their feet again.

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