All About Smartphones: RIM Faces The World Today With Blackberry 10 Launch

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

RIM Faces The World Today With Blackberry 10 Launch

RIM, the company that makes the Blackberry phone and Playbook devices will today formally launch Blackberry Z10 and X10 to the entire world.
The company had lost a lot of money in the past and still looking for a way to get back into the game; a game that Apple and Google stole from them a while back.
RIM has been struggling with this fierce competition that iPhone and Samsung is pulling, the range of smartphones offered by RIM isn't good enough to compete thereby forcing the company to completely redesign, remake and rebuild their devices from the scratch in other to retake the market they long lost.
The outcome of this new strategy is the birth of Blackberry 10

The blackberry 10 program started months back, taking all the energy, commitment and focus of the design team is expected to fulfill the dreams of its makers i.e, to put RIM back on her feet.
Whether this new device can do that will be seen from today onward when it will be officially available for sale and use and in later days to come.

As for design, flow, usability and stability during the testing stages of this device, reports are that it was superb and more than capable to rival both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 smartphones.

Today, RIM will be in the spotlight and they should be really prepared if the BB10 doesn't meet the expectation of consumers.

On a quick note on specs, the BB 10 has a new operating system different from other previous Blackberry devices, a 1800mAh battery, 1.5GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 8mp camera, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and a 355ppi display.

Personally, I believe that this device would perform well, meet expectations and fulfill the desires and dreams of its creators.
If you think otherwise, share your thoughts and of course, in the coming days we shall know where RIM stands and the weight Blackberry 10 will pull

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