All About Smartphones: NCC Set To Implement Mobile Number Portability For Cheaper Calls

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NCC Set To Implement Mobile Number Portability For Cheaper Calls


Call tariffs are expected to be cheaper in Nigeria for 2013 due to mobile number portability scheme (MNP). There can't be a better news for Nigerians. You will notice a lot of radio adverts have started rolling out to educate the masses on how it works.
According to information being propagated from the NCC website, it will be free to register for this service.
It is also available to both prepaid and postpaid users and will e available for GLO, MTN, ETISALAT and AIRTEL subscribers.

Mobile Number Portability

Mobile number portability scheme would enable subscribers to retain their mobile numbers if they migrate from one network to another. This means that should a subscriber choose to switch from Glo to MTN, for example, the same mobile number will continue to work with the new carrier (MTN).

This scheme foundation had already begun since last year and should be completed during the first to second quarter of the year 2013.

The benefits of this development is that consumers will be able to switch from one carrier to another without the fear of changing cell number.
Also, this will propel carriers to improve the quality of their services since changing carrier will not affect cell number anymore. You will note that sms are now charged at N4 across all carriers; which is good. Furthermore, call tariffs will significantly reduce.

You will note that complains have trailed the NCC office in the last quarter last year due to bad quality of service.
Therefore, there's great chance that carriers will want to improve QoS so as to keep a subscriber from changing carrier.

For me, this is a welcomed development and it will be greeted with great razzmatazz by Nigerians that have been paying significant price for mobile calls and internet data with the persisting bad QoS.
As in anything that starts fresh, there will be hiccups but it usually gets better with time. Lets support this project and push for better data, voice and SMS services from these telecommunication companies.

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