All About Smartphones: Let's Put The Facebook Rumor To Rest

Monday, January 14, 2013

Let's Put The Facebook Rumor To Rest

Since middle last year, there had been various rumors suggesting that Facebook is developing its own smartphone in conjunction with the HTC company. In fact, the rumor was so strong that many designs and concepts of the phone were on display on a few number of websites.
One concept made the Facebook looked liked an iPhone but with Facebook inscribed behind it and an "F" located on top of the Home key. However, as time passed, the rumor fizzled out and no more was heard of this Facebook phone.
It thus suggest that the company can keep a secret better than some companies e.g the Redmond company: Microsoft.
Well, once more, the rumor has surfaced again and this particular rumor is even stronger due to the statement "mobile" & "this is going to be a big deal" that was pronounced by the company.

Apart from the rumor that a phone is being manufactured, there is also another rumor of a custom made Facebook OS to be pushed out by the company.

Facebook is to hold a mystery event tomorrow 15th January. Perhaps, this event will lay all these rumors to rest and answer all the questions that had been on prople's mind since last year. Also, an app that changes everything about phones maybe unveiled. One thing is sure, the Messenger app for iPad will be shown-off.
Till this event takes place, we all have to keep speculating as to what " this next big deal" will be.

January 15th 2013 is less than 24hrs from now, facts will be given out and our ponders and rumors would be laid to rest.

Stay tuned for updates as regards the Facebook event tomorrow

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