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Friday, January 18, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4: Features and Specs


Samsung Galaxy S3 is barely 6 months old and that's a long time in the technology industry. You can't begin to count the amount of phones that have been released within these last 6 months.

Samsung is set to release there next generation of S series phone tagged the Galaxy S4. Even though the S2 and S3 are still strong contender in the market, rumor has it that Samsung will be releasing an S4 to the market in April.

According to various reports, Galaxy S4 will have a 5 inch screen display and better resolution than the predecessor which will exceed the iPhone 5's display.

Also, the processor will be increased to 2.0GHz and will feature the more recent Android OS Jelly bean 4.2.1.

Furthermore, from the image above which is the first leaked design, it is possible that the Galaxy S4 will not have a physical home button like the predecessor GS3 and GS2. However, with more recent images (below) that looks even more plausible it  suggests a powerful device is coming to battle with the Blackberry Z10 and iPhone 5 even more.

There is a possibility of the phone bagging a 13 mega pixel camera also. This won't be an issue since some phones have been unveiled with 13 mega pixel camera at the just concluded CES 2013.
Definitely, Samsung wouldn't want to release a device that will find it difficult to compete when other manufacturers like Apple, HTC, Nokia etc releases theirs. Therefore, Samsung would put in the best possible configuration on the GS4.

For what we know, the following are the specifications of the yet to be released Galaxy S4

OS:                               Android Jelly bean 4.2
Display:                   5 inches 1920×1080 pixel
Camera:                  13mp rear and 3 mp front camera
RAM:                         2GB of LPDDR3 RAM
Processor:             2.0GHz - 2.4GHz Snapdragon SoC and or Exynos-powered model
Storage:                   16, 32 and 64GB models.

By March 14th 2013,we will know if this is what would be released finally or not. Till then all we can do is speculate.

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