All About Smartphones: The Amazing Sony Wristwatch Concept

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Amazing Sony Wristwatch Concept

When there will be a change in trends of things in the technology world, it always come in the form of conceptual designs and there are always signs from the internet. 
Not so long ago, we started seeing all kinds of wristwatch concepts like the iWatch, Google Wristwatch and now a Sony Wristwatch concept have been revealed.

By far, this particular concept is the best I have seen. It was designed by Hiromi Kiriki.
This wristwatch is more or less a wearable mobile computer of high design. Its convertibility is the most interesting part of this concept watch (image below).

Sony Wristwatch Concept
It is constructed out of the organic flexible OLED touchscreen material. You will recall that sometime last year, Nokia revealed a similar technology in Barcelona as regards the Nokia Kinetic phone that is bendable, image after the break.

Nokia Kinetic Concept Phone
Nokia Kinetic Concept phone

This Sony wristwatch concept can be worn as a bracelet and has 3 distinct display with a holographic keyboard.
Indeed, this concept is awesome and very catchy.
whether this will be become a reality will only be a matter of time.

Below is the Apple and Google most seen concepts

Apple iWatch Concept

Google Concept watch

Author: Akin Akinsanya

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