All About Smartphones: The Consumer Electronic Show 2013 Las Vegas

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Consumer Electronic Show 2013 Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronic Show for year 2013 to hold in Las Vegas, United States is started already. Today is the day two and the razzmatazz is building up.
This is a place where electronic companies show case their latest technology and products.
Although its for electronics in general, the spotlight is always focused on smartphones, computers and tablets.
This year, Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, Intel and others have taken The stand to show off their latest technology designs and products.
To get images and videos of the activities going on in CES 2013 Las Vegas, visit and more information.
One thing is sure, these companies will "wow" you with their products especially in the smartphones and tablets section.
One fascinating device at the CES called the APEN touch8 smart pen is a Stylus pen that converts non touch screen devices to touch screen.
This means that your device can operate like a touch screen device even though it's not manufactured as a touch screen monitor.

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