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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ubuntu OS For Smartphones

Smartphone business is a serious business now, more serious than when it first began. However, a more serious business is the OS that runs on these smart devices.
From Android, Windows Phones OS to iOS, there had been a steady release to how these OS play a bigger role in the sales of smart devices. Most people will argue that they can't buy a device that doesn't run android while some will die for iOS.
This OS business is so huge and important that Mozilla and Ubuntu have decided to join in the race to create OS for smartphones.
Late last year, we saw Mozilla showing off their intent to make Mozilla OS that will run on smartphones and now Ubuntu which is a Linux based operating system that has gained popularity as regards the desktop and server version have decide to join in the race to produce Ubuntu for smartphones.
The race will be fierce has Apple iOS and Android dominates these industry not to mention the strong presence that Windows Phone OS is making.
Though Android is Linux based, Ubuntu won't be able to run android based apps.
Ubuntu will have its own architecture in which it will run apps. However, any phone or device capable of running Android will be able to run Ubuntu OS.
I would love to see the set of devices that will run this new OS that will come to play this year. It could be Samsung, LG Acer etc. which everyone it is, am sure it would be loved and it's presence would be felt.

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