All About Smartphones: Beware of These 5 Fake Jailbreak Tools

Friday, February 1, 2013

Beware of These 5 Fake Jailbreak Tools

One of the most anticipated tool is that tool that is supposed to jailbreak the iOS 6.1 untethered on all Apple devices.
Contrary to the popular ones we have always had from Chronic Dev-team, this one is coming from the Evad3rs team and the name of the tool is Evasi0n which will be released on Sunday.

However, people could be easily fooled with fake jailbreak tools that promises to jailbreak all iDevices on iOS 6.1 untethered. these fake tools are listed below and you are advised NOT to use them or PAY for any of them as they can render your device unusable or install spyware into your device.
Most importantly, wait patiently for the legitimate jailbreak tool. It is usually free and very stable and legit.

Fake Jailbreak Tools
1. Gull1hack & Blacksn0w V2
These tools by the Gull1hack team have been declared fake by the iPhone Dev-team. The tools was supposedly to jailbreak iPhone and iPod touch devices on the new bootrom untethered.

2. FastRa1n0.5
This particular one says it can jailbreak iOS 5 and later untethered and even charge a whooping $24.99 for it. As far confirmation goes, @comex have said that it is fake and does not work. Consequently, it is fake. Stay away from it.

3. Ghost App
This is yet another jailbreaking tool that promises to jailbreak untethered iOS 5 on all iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S for $24.99 also. It doesn't even have a demo to try out its functions.
Just like FastRa1n0.5 above, it's not legit, its a fake. Stay away from it

4. Jailbreak
This is got me laughing. It is sold for $9.99 and does nothing. It even featured in the Apple app store at a time ( still wondering how Apple allowed a jailbreak tool in the store anyway). Anyways, it was removed from the store when Apple and Dev-Team found out it was a fake tool.

Unlock iPhone 4S
This tool claim to unlock iPhone 4S on any baseband and also jailbreak untethered. On their website, declaration was made that refund will be made if jailbreak and unlock was unsuccessful. However, no real testimony that it has worked.
The best way to confirm a tool is working is to go to various fora. Here you will hear people are saying about a particular app

These tools below don't need introduction as they are the most popular legitimate free jailbreaking tool available.

1. Redsn0w
2. Absinthe
3. Sn0wbreeze
4. Evasi0n (particularly for iOS 6.1)

Evasi0n is the most recent of them all which will be released on Sunday 3rd of Feb. 2013 for public download. Created by the evad3rs team (pimskes, pod2j, musclenerd etc).

If you want more news for evasi0n click here
mind you, seem to be a copy of the original webpage. Don't download from it. The font used and a declaration of a download looks fishy.

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