All About Smartphones: How To Make Gevey on iOS 6.1 iPhone 4 Work Flawlessly

Monday, February 11, 2013

How To Make Gevey on iOS 6.1 iPhone 4 Work Flawlessly


I decided to upgrade an iPhone 4 with baseband 04.10.01 running iOS 5.1.1. The device was hacktivated and unlocked using Gevey.

After 30 minutes I successfully landed on iOS 6.1 baseband 04.10.01 and still unlocked with Gevey sim. Ultrasn0w 1.2.8 couldn't download because it was not compatible with my iOS 6.1 which is strange.

Through out the whole process, both Gevey and SIM remained in the phone.
Here are my steps in a easy fashion and i Hope you find it useful.

This post was published in February before iOS 6.1.3 was launched. If you want to install iOS 6.1 now, you will need SHSH blobs

1. Sn0wbreeze 2.9.9
2. iOS 6.1  - 6.1.2 IPSW
3. Internet connection
4. Redsn0w 0.9.15b3
5. Ultrasn0w 1.2.7 and Mobile Substrate
6. iTools or iFunbox or iExplorer

NOTE 1: This post does not apply to those that want to upgrade to iOS 6.1.3
NOTE 2: If you want to update to the IPSW in this post as of now (1/March /2013), you will need SHSH blobs
NOTE 3: To learn more about SHSH blobs, click here

Step 1
Back-up your device with iTunes. Also, make sure all your apps are transferred into your iTunes

Step 2
Download iOS 6.1 for your device here. Please make sure you select the right one as there are 3 kinds of IPSW for iPhone 4 iOS 6.1 with regards to the model (written at the lower back of the phone). If your model is A1332 then you will download iPhone 4 (GSM iPhone3,1).

if your model is NOT A1332 and NOT A1349 (CDMA) then you will download iPhone 4 (GSM iPhone3,2) iOS 6.1 version.

Step 3
Download Sn0wbreeze 2.9.9 here.

Step 4
Create a custom firmware with Sn0wbreeze to avoid your baseband upgrade. To achieve this:
  • launch and extract the previously downloaded Sn0wbreeze on your desktop.
  • Click OK when it opens, click on the blue arrow and then select your newly downloaded iOS IPSW
  • Sn0wbreeze will identify this and then you click on the blue arrow again.
  • Select 'Simple mode'. You will be asked if you want to activate. Click yes.
  • Sn0wbreeze will begin creating the modified IPSW and will be saved on desktop as Sn0wbreeze.xxxxx when done.
Step 5
Put your device in Pwnd DFU mode. by following the instructions given to you by Sn0wbreeze.
If you have a broken Home key, use Redsn0w to enter Pwn DFU mode. follow this tip
  • launch Redsn0w (latest verion)
  • Click Extras, and then click Even more, finally click on DFU IPSW
  • Click OK and then select the first ORIGINAL IPSW you downloaded, NOT the Sn0wbreeze version.
  • Once you have done, Redsn0w will create a new IPSW named as ENTER_DFU_iPhone3,1_6.1_10B144_Restore
  • Now connect your phone to your computer and let iTunes detect it. Click on phone and you will be taken to the summary page. Hold down the Shift button on your computer and click on Restore.
  • Select  'ENTER_DFU_iPhone3,1_6.1_10B144_Restore' that Redsn0w created for you.
  • iTunes would try to restore to that modified IPSW, it will even show progress bar, show the iTunes logo at a point. Don't panic. After a while, it will enter DFU mode.
  • You can confirm the DFU mode with Redsn0w

NB: To avoid error 1600 when doing the main restore, launch Sn0wbreeze and then click on iReb at the top-left and run it. You would be asked if you want to run for Apple TV 2. Click no and then click 'start' at the bottom. Your device will enter Pwnd DFU mode.

Step 6
iTunes will immediately detect your device in restore mode. Do the Shift + Restore again and then select the IPSW that Sn0wbreeze created for you.

iTunes will restore to it successfully and you will be in iOS 6.1 with preserved baseband. Phone will reboot and Evasi0n untethered jailbreak will kick in. Don't touch your device while its happening.
When its done, set up your device and Don't enable Location Services. Check your baseband

If you have a broken home key, use Assistive Touch for your Home key use.
Launch Cydia and let it download the necessary packages and then exit.

Most people are not experiencing issue with Ultrasn0w 1.2.8. However, if you have issues with it and prefer the 1.2.7 version, use the steps below

Step 9
Download iTools and Ultrasn0w 1.2.7 from here and extract to your desktop. Connect your device to your computer and launch iTools.
iTools will detect your device. Click on FileSystem and then type in the address at the top /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall/as seen in the image.

Step 10
Click on Upload>file and then select the two files you downloaded (ultrasn0w 1.2.7 and mobile substrate)

Step 11
Reboot  your device twice and then you will see your network bars showing up.

After all done, you should be in iOS 6.1 with the same baseband as before and unlocked with Gevey sim.

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  1. I use GEVEY And didn't needed to use the step 9!

    Thanks for the tutorial

    Afonso - Brazil

    1. That's great. Ultrasn0w 1.2.8 downloaded from Cydia worked for you?

  2. Thanks! its working on ios 6.1.2 with 4.10.01 bb and gevey ultra. Also, i did not do step 9 nor downloaded ultrasnow.

  3. Naseer from Pakistan, i also have done jevey iphone 4 with baseband 4.10.1 preserving baseband with Sn0wbreeze 2.9.13 and successfuly update to 6.1.2, i dint follow the step from 9 to onward and whole process is done with Sn0wbreeze and itunes. i even downloaded IPSW from snowbreez and enter Pwnd DFU mode using ireb.

    1. That's excellent. It therefore means there was an issue with the iPhone i worked with at the time.
      Good to know your process worked without the other stages.

  4. @Hello akin, I would like to know, IS the above procedure still working? I have iphone 4 with IOS 4.3.3(8j2) and firmware of 4.10.01. Can I update to it IOS 6.1.2? What are the steps needed? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

    1. You can't update to 6.1.2 since Apple is no longer signing it. You can only update to 6.1.3 now.

      Preserver your baseband with the steps above using Sn0wbreeze then you should be able to jailbreak and unlock. However, 6.1.3 is a tethered jailbreak

    2. Thanks, but can u please explain the changes in above steps, if i want to upgrade from 4.3.3 to 6.1.3?

      2nd how to reboot iphone from computer if 6.1.3 is a tethered jailbreak can u please, explain these steps too.

      Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi guys, does anyone knows if I can update iphone 4G BB 04.10.01 with old Gevey Sim to iOS 6.1.3 if it will still be unlocked ? or did u at least heard someone doing that? Thanks in advance !

  6. You need to preserve baseband before you update. Once your baseband still remain at 04.10.1 you should be able to unlock with Gevey ultra S. But iOS 6.1.3 is only tethered jailbreak.
    I would advise you get a cheap imei unlock for a permanent unlock

  7. hi.. i have a iphone4. will this work on old gevey sim? not ultra. i check my gevey sim and there is no s written on it.
    thnx in advance.

    1. Yes it will. I have tried it before on a Gevey and it worked. Provided you preserve baseband.
      But anytime you switch to 3G network you may lose network.
      Gevey Ultra and Gevey Ultra S work better

    2. hi i have a iphone 4 16 gb model with gevey ultra i updated to ios 6.1.3 as per your instructions but i'm not able to unlock my sim.. baseband is preserved though please reply ASAP! :(

  8. Yes it will. I have tried it before on a Gevey and it worked. Provided you preserve baseband.
    But anytime you switch to 3G network you may lose network.
    Gevey Ultra and Gevey Ultra S work better

  9. Thanks for this awesome guide! Hopefully u can help answer my question. Did you use gevey ultra or gevey ultra s. I have an iphone 4 and I thought the gevey ultra s only worked with iPhone 4S. Is this true?


    1. I used the Gevey Ultra and it worked flawlessly.

      The Gevey Ultra S should work even better. It is not exactly meant for iPhone 4S exclusively. So try it for iPhone 4 and it will still work

  10. Hi.. me again.. so i tried the method but i'm getting an error 3194 in itunes while restoring.

    1. Sorry for the late response. To solve this,just follow this simple steps

      1. Quit iTunes
      2. Locate your hosts file, in Mac OS X—>> this is /etc/hosts and in Windows –>> c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
      3. Open the hosts file with Administrator privileges (best with word pad or notepad)
      4. Add the following line ONLY to the very bottom of the hosts file:  –>> #
      if you have already,  you need to add # just before it —>> #
      5. Restart your computer
      6. Turn off windows firewall
      7. Now, Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer Launch iTunes
      8. Put the iPhone/iPad/iPod into DFU mode by turning the phone off and then holding down the sleep and power button for 10 seconds, then release the power button but hold onto the home button until iTunes tells you that the device is now in recover mode
      9. Hold shift click restore, point to the downloaded iOS firmware and continue your process

  11. Thank you for the response Akin.
    I tried the process still the same error 3194. :(

  12. Ok use another Apple server # Just edit the previous one I gave you. Don't forget to stop firewall on your PC.

    Don't forget to close iTunes while doing this.
    When done, open iTunes again.
    If it didn't work, use another computer.

    Additional fix is that, you can download TinyUmbrella.

    Select your iPhone and then click on the
    “Advanced” tab.
    Untick the box “Set Hosts to Cydia on Exit (If
    you need a clean restore from Apple uncheck
    this box)”
    Apply the changes.

  13. Thanks again Akin. tried that didn't work either and now I have a new issue. My camera was stuck at shutter my brother reset that phone from the settings and now its stuck at apple logo. I know that was stupid. :D
    anyway I'm going to keep trying to restore or upgrade while preserving baseband.
    Wish me luck.

    1. May I know the iOS you want to restore to? Is it 6.1.3?
      If its 6.1.3, keep trying. You may use another computer. However, if you try restoring to the iOS in the post (6.1) you may have problems especially if you don't have your shsh blobs.

      Keep in touch and let me know if you were able to get it done.

  14. No I'm not trying 6.1.3 I tried 6.1 as you mentioned in the post.
    do I need gevey for bb: 2.10.04 or there's a software unlock?
    How do I get shsh blobs?
    thnx again.

    1. That explains why you have the error. That post was written before 6.1.3 was released. Apple won't allow you restore to it because 6.1.3 is the latest.
      If you want to update to 6.1 you mush have saved your SHSH blobs on your computer. However, I don't think you have it.

      What you should do is restore to iOS 6.1.3 following the post. Just replace 6.1 with 6.1.3. Preserve baseband with the procedure above and then update. Do that and let's know how it goes.

    2. SHSH blobs are signatures that Apple uses to verify and allow you to update to a particular firmware.

      SHSH blobs can be saved on your computer with the help of Cydia, TinyUmbrella or iFaith.

      It must be saved when Apple is still signing for that particular firmware.

      To unlock, request for a IMEI unlock method. its the best and its permanent

  15. ok ...Any changes to the procedure mentioned above as now unththered jailbreak of ios 6.1.3 is available....i have iphone 4 bb 3.10.1 ios 5.1.1 gevey ultra

    1. Sanji, I recommend you remain on iOS 5.1.1
      As of this time, there is no Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 ONLY tethered jailbreak for iPhone 4 and 3GS.

      If you try to update, make sure you preserve your baseband as described in the post. your gevey may not work very well with iOS 6.1.3 due to 3G issues. This is also because Gevey works well with a jailbroken device.

      I advice you go for IMEI unlock method. It is very cheap now.

  16. Hi
    I finally got out of the stuck apple logo situation.
    Used redsnow to upgrade to ios-5.1.1 while preserving baseband. After upgrade I got stuck in recovery loop then fixed that by jailbreaking with redsnow. Now everything is good. Baseband is preserved. My camera is back on, phone is working fine. But my gevey is old and i think has gone bad. So I'll be buying gevey ultra.
    Lessons learned that never reset settings if your phone is jailbroken and itunes really sucks. :D
    Thank you again for all the help Akin.

  17. That's wonderful news.
    You were able to install 5.1.1 perhaps because you have been on iOS 5.1.1 before. redsn0w used your blobs from cydia to help you install the firmware and jailbreak maybe

  18. Mohan here india..
    Does the same step work for firmware 6.01ios

    Am new to iPhone..

  19. Hello Mohan,
    Yes this steps works for 6.0.1 if you can upgrade to it. Just remember to preserve baseband.

    At this point, you can only restore to 6.0.1 if you have full shsh blobs saved.

  20. Thanks for your reply akin.. actually my iphone has
    baseband : 2.10.04
    version : 4.1(8B117)

    Can i follow this step for the above configuration..
    Sorry if am troubling u..

    1. Yes it will work.

      For iPhone 4, Baseband 2.10.4, iOS 6.1.3 which is the latest firmware, Gevey SIM will work if you follow the steps to prevent baseband update.

      However, iOS 6.1.3 is a tethered jailbreak in case you want to jailbreak it.

    2. While restoring ive got 1602 error.. how to resolve it akin

    3. You got error 1602 because you trying to restore to a firmware that is not the most current (6.1.3).

      If you want to restore to 6.1 as described in d post, you must have stitched SHSH blobs to 6.1 firmware. Otherwise u will get errors.

      If you don't have this blob, substitute 6.1.3 for 6.1 and follow the steps in the post.

      Note: you can't preserve baseband for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5

  21. Thanks, but can u please explain the changes in above steps, if i want to upgrade from 4.3.3 to 6.1.3?

    2nd how to reboot iphone from computer if 6.1.3 is a tethered jailbreak can u please, explain these steps too.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. You will download iOS 6.1.3 for your device.

      Use snowbreeze to make a custom firmware to prevent baseband upgrade (iPhone 3GS&4)
      Put your device in dfu mode

      Launch itunes and the select your new custom ipsw.
      Restore to this pre-jailbroken snowbreeze ipsw

      Gevey should unlock your device

    2. The latest version of Snowbreeze 2.9.14 is very good with iOS 6.1.3 tethered jailbreak.

  22. Hi, I have an iphone 4 with iOS 5.1.1, firmware 04.10.01 with gevey sim..Can i now upgrade to iOS 6.1.3 using the above method and use the same gevey sim?

    1. Yes you can. You will need to download Snowbreez 2.9.14 from
      Also, you will need to download 6.1.3 IPSW.

      Follow the steps above and use 6.1.3 instead of 6.1 and you will be fine.

      Drop your comments to let us know how it went or if you encounter any problem.

      Remember, iPhone 4 with iOS 6.1.3 is a tethered jailbreak so you may have to boot up your device with Redsn0w after the process of upgrading

  23. Hi, I will try to update an Iphone 4 (IOS 4.3.5 with BB 04.10.01) to IOS 6.1.3 with preserved BB using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.14. without any Jaibreak features.

    Do you think a regular Gevey Pro will work on that? Do you excepting any problems using the lates IOS version in combination with the old BB version? I have read that some users have problems Itunes detecting the device after Updating IOS without updating BB or having problems with 3G. Thanks in advance!

  24. AKIN, i upgrade my iphone 4 to ios 6.1 with preserved baseband 3.10.01 but i was unable to activate my gevey i tried it manually and by ultrasnow 1.2.7 but it didnt got signal bars so plz tell me will this really work coz i m not sure about it and my gevey sim is not ultra its very old one

  25. I also wanted to know that what ios version is best for iphone 4 bcoz mine is on 5.1 and its really slow and many apps like facebook which i use the most lags many time, will upgrading my iphone to the latest ios or ios 6 speed up my fone ?

    1. Also, the iPhone 4 is designed to run both iOS 5.1 and 6 very well without issues.

      If your phone is slowing down please try to see if any app is messing with the memory.

      You can start by disabling all Jailbreak tweak when booting device. This you can do by holding the volume up key when boothing device.

      Also, if you have multiple phone tracking app on your phone, it can slow it down. Use only 1 tracking software

  26. Hello Samar,
    iPhone 4,iOS 6.1 with Baseband 03.10.01 works well with Gevey Ultra.

    Buy and Use Gevey Ultra (not Ultra S) and install UltrasnowCN 1.6b5 from Cydia. Do the usual 112 and
    Network will start working again.

  27. Hello there,

    I have Iphone 4, BB 04.10,01 and ios 4.3.2(8H7) using Gevey SIM. Can i upgrade to ios 6 ?



    1. Yes you can update to 6.1.3, however, Gevey doesn't work well with iOS 6.1.3. Your 3G network would be unstable and jailbreak is tethered.
      I advise you get IMEI unlock which gives you a lifetime unlock so that you can update to iOS 7 and unlock.
      To get your IMEI unlock for small fee, send a mail to me.

    2. thanks for the reply...

      Actually 3G network still not available at my country yet...and don't want to jailbreak at the moment. All i need just updated ios with unlock phone by Gevey SIM.

      please provide me the process to upgrade the ios 4.3.2 to 6.1.3 by preserving BB.

      also let me know ur mail add. wanna knw the IMEI unlock fees.

    3. Akin, What's your email I need my IMEI unlocked? Please send me your email address to I tried reaching you on G+ Hangout.

      My Phone is from Virgin Canada.

  28. My email is

    IOS 4.3.3 (8J2)
    MODEM FIRMWARE: 04.10.01

    Help me upgrade my iphone to IOS 6

  30. good day! after restoring ios 6.1.3 from ios 4.3.5, I have to jailbreak it with redsnow right coz it's stuck at the apple logo after it's being restored by iTunes. question is do I need another ipsw to jailbreak it coz the original 6.1.3 ipsw yields an error in redsnow

  31. hi everyone! has anyone here experienced problems in wifi and/or Bluetooth connections after upgrading to ios 6.x? mine is an iphone 4 and restored it to ios 6.1.3 following the procedures here. was successful but I've been having serious problems with my wifi connection and Bluetooth, should have read about ios 6 in the apple forums before restoring my phone to it, I don't have shsh blobs to downgrade to recent versions...

  32. Hi im on iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.2 on Gevey unlock... I just want to update my phone because on this IOS I cant install Apps. Do you also have a decent article for me to update to IOS 5? Unteatherd? :)also please do tell me details about the factory unlock

  33. Hello, Gayan, am sorry you can't successfully upgrade to iOS 5 because its old and Apple is no longer signing that firmware.

    However, if you had been in iOS 5 at any point in time and jailbroken on it, there's a possibility that your shsh blobs were saved to Cydia. Else, you can't upgrade.

    If you indeed have SHSH blobs for iOS 5 for your device saved, you can use a guide I'll be writing soon to give help make that happen.

    If you don't have iOS 5 SHSH blobs, you can upgrade to iOS 6.1.3 and preserve baseband to unlock with Gevey. Gevey usually work well with a jailbroken device and this tutorial here can help you.

  34. Hi. i have iphone 4 iOS 5.0.1 BB 4.10.01 used gevey sim to unlock.

    1st question? i forgot my version of gevey sim. will this gevey works on iOS 5.1.1?
    2nd question? can i upgrade to iOS 5.1.1 as of today august 2013? cuz its been a year that im stuck at 5.0.1 iOS and jailbroken and used gevey sim.

    1. another thing. i've never have tried upgrading to iOS 5.1.1 in the past and have stop only at iOS 5.0.1.

      can i still upgrade to iOS 5.1.1 as of today august 2013?

  35. hi akin,
    I have jailbroken iphone 4 with ios 5.0.1 & bb 04.10.01 with gevey supreme...Now i want to upgrade to 6.1.3...Should i do it as i m worried that 6.1.3 will work good with gevey or not...Should i use the above steps as shown above for 6.1..


  36. it's really works iphone4 is alive again
    now running ios 6.0.1 with baseband 04.10.01 with old gevey like a charm ..really happy

  37. Hi Akin,

    Is this still working at this moment? please I need your response asap..

    I'm from philippines thank you.

  38. This is not working anymore because its just giving you error 3194 ...

    even if you also change your "hosts" etc ....

    Not working tried and tested you will just stuck in step 6 after no more solution

    1. You may need to change computers sometimes to bypass the step 6. its because apple is no longer signing the firmware at this time and you are not taking steps to fix that error number you are getting. Try fixing it by checking online for various solutions

  39. Is this applicable now to ios 4.3.3 bb 04.10.01

  40. can i do this with my iphone 4 with bb 4.10.01 and ios 4.3.3 now?? is apple signing the firmware at this tym?? is this posiible?

    1. Apple is no longer signing that firmware. However, if you had been in that firmware before and have saved your shsh blobs, you could build a custom firmware with sn0wbreeze and then restore to it. This will preserve your baseband and also allow you unlock with Gevey if you please.

    2. thankq for the reply... brief me on the procedure??

    3. Do you have your shsh blobs saved for that firmware 4.3.3 locally or on Cydia? If yes, download iFaith and use it to build a custom firmware 4.3.3 that's pre-signed for you so that you can downgrade to iOS 4.3.3. I have a similar tutorial of iFaith on my blog. Once you have done that, just use iTunes to restore like you would do normally using the custom built firmware.

    4. i want to upgrade !! so i need to save shsh blobs first and continue the procedure to get ios6.1?

  41. Hi Sir Akin,,im from the philippines..i want to know if this still works..i have an iphone from japan..ios 4.3.3(8j2) bb 04.10.01 and using a gevey sim..could it be possible to have a higher ios?thanks in advance!

    1. Yes It is possible to have a higher iOS. The latest iOS for iPhone 4 is iOS 7.1.2. However, if you update to this latest iOS 7.1.2, you may lose the ability to unlock your phone with Gevey SIM. R-SIM version 2 works better for iOS 7.1.2 on iPhone 4 and 4S. Also remember to try preserving your baseband when doing this.

    2. Thanks sir Akin..but may i ask if it still working the said procedures that you posted above?can it work on my iphone4 condition?maybe its better to follow the ios 6.1 than ios 7?to be able to use my gevey sim?im afraid that i can't use it anymore..what's your suggestion sir Akin?thanks in advance again..


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