All About Smartphones: How To Maximise Battery Life of Your Gadgets

Monday, March 4, 2013

How To Maximise Battery Life of Your Gadgets

Smartphones and technological gadgets are very important to us in this era and dispensation. Its so important that we can hardly go anywhere without them. However, without batteries, these devices will be just a pile of fancy, expensive junk. Therefore, batteries are as important to humans as the gadgets they carry around.

Though, smartphones pack in a lot of juice in battery power inside of them. Yet, its still never enough

It is therefore very pertinent that we take good care of our batteries in other to maximize and get the best out of it for a longer time.
One common way that some people have used to improve a battery performance is putting the battery in freezer for 24hrs. In doing this, the battery bounces back to life. I have tried this and it actually worked for me. (steps would be outlined below)

Example of Li-ion battery
Below are few steps that should be taken to increase the battery life of Lithium - ion batteries found in most gadgets.

High Temperatures
All batteries have operating temperature at with they perform best. It is not a new understanding that high temperatures have negative impact on batteries.
Whenever, there is high temperature, batteries tend to run down faster.
Consequently, avoid placing your phone on hot materials or leaving it inside the car in a sunny day.
Any temperature above 40 degrees is considered high and detrimental to the battery's life

Low Temperatures
As much as high temperatures affect battery life negatively, very low temperatures also have negative impacts on battery performance too.
Basically, batteries should operate between 0 - 30 degrees. Anything below 0 degrees is considered low and detrimental to the battery's life.
For those in countries where weather conditions can be extreme, e.g Russia, Canada, where temperatures can go as low as -10 degrees, a black, rubber phone pouch can help create temperature increase and maintain to some extent good temperatures around the battery.

Playing of Games
Most smartphones of these days are capable of playing high end games. However, the downside is that these games consume a lot of battery power. Consequently, there is need to constantly recharge the battery of the device.
Due to the fact that most Li-ion based batteries have a maximum number of recharge / discharge cycles, subjecting the battery to constant charge due to playing of high end games, long hours of internet surfing can reduce the life span of  the battery.
Therefore, avoid playing games for long hours or watching movies. save the energy for better things.

Using non-recommended chargers
Usually, Li-ion batteries can be recharged. When smartphones or gadgets that uses batteries are bought, it usually come with a charger to be used in charging the supplied battery.
However, when it gets faulty, some people are in the habit of using non-recommended chargers to charge the batteries. Doing this can absolutely destroy the battery, cause explosion etc.
Therefore, before you purchase a battery charger, check the power rating of the bad charger and make sure that it matches the same power rating of the new charger you intend to buy.

How To Recover Power in a Misbehaving Battery
When a battery is misbehaving, sometimes, it needs to be put back in order. One popular way is to put the said battery in freezer for 24hrs.

1. Turn off phone or device and then remove battery from compartment
2. Place battery in a plastic bag that can be sealed. e.g the one commonly used to dispense drugs
3.Make sure most air is out. You can also use rubber band to hold it together.
4. Put battery in freezer for 24 hours. Remove battery and allow it thaw for 4-8 hours
5. Dry battery with a towel and return battery to the device and turn the device on.

Paper Bag

Once all these are done. You will notice a good performance of the battery.

Batteries are very important and we should treat them as such.

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