All About Smartphones: How To Recover Files From Hard Drives, Phones, Flash Drives etc

Monday, March 18, 2013

How To Recover Files From Hard Drives, Phones, Flash Drives etc

All smartphones and computers have memories where all kinds of files are stored.
Most of our images, audio files, documents etc are usually stored on external hard drives, internal drives, memory cards etc.

Consequently, whenever our files suddenly vanish from the ext/int drive, memory cards etc or these drives get corrupted with only the option to format, it could mean a huge loss of data and one starts panicking and regretting the choice not to have a backup somewhere. Sometimes formatting may not even be possible as it may be giving you error. The only option is to recover the files you have on it and then get another memory.
fortunately, there is a way to retrieve these files in the event that your drive gets damaged or corrupted.

There are various recovery softwares with varying degree of efficiency that can get the job done. Some are good with images, videos while some are good with text file etc. In this post the software used is good with image and videos.
To recover files on your memory card, follow these instructions.
  1. Download Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software here
  2. Install the application and register it.
  3. launch app 
  4. Click on the large blue button that says Recover Photo, Audio & Video
  5. Immediately after clicking,  your memory card, flash drive, hard disk etc would be displayed.
  6. select the memory you want to scan and recover files
  7. You can also select an advance option where you can choose the kind of files you want to recover.
  8. Once you are ready, Go away from the advance option by pressing the back arrow at the bottom-left of the page and then click on Start
  9. Once it finish scanning, you can then recover your files from the memory card which would be stored in a specified folder by you.
  10. Finally, your files will be safe and at your disposal. you can then get yourself another memory stick or drive if your current isn't working anymore

There are other kinds of software with their own area of excellence. An example is Recuva, Wondershare Data Recovery, etc. Anyone you choose will get most of the job done.
I hope these information will benefit you in a way. Drop your comments to notify of anyone you have tried that is reputable to you.

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