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Monday, April 15, 2013

An Android Based Nokia Phone

Is Nokia fairing well in the face of this fierce competition in the Smartphone Industry?

The competition in the smartphone industry is very fierce. It is not a place for a weak company to venture into at all if you are not ready to do and make drastic powerful choices.

Former powerful companies like Nokia, Blackberry, Sagem etc which have given way to Apple Inc. and Samsung used to dominate the phone industry have fallen and have fallen even more because of this fierce competition going on at this point in time. The devices of these fallen heroes are no more demanded in great quality. People now can't wait to get theirs hands on iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One. Nokia and Blackberry isn't in the list.

What if Nokia had gone the Android way just like Samsung , HTC etc? Would the company be in a better situation?

As of this writing, Apple Inc. is dominating the smartphone market, raking in money by the minute. In fact, the fate of the Phone industry took a new turn since the emergence of the iPhone back in 2007 and have continue to get more powerful a industry.
The iPhone in 2007 came with huge radical innovative design  that made other phone makers to seat straight. This gap in creativity and design of Apple products and the sleekness of the Operating System (OS) running on the devices compared to other phones at that time was becoming too much that there need be a saviour to come up with something to reduce this gap since Nokia Symbian OS and Windows phone were useless. That much needed saviour was the Android Operating System.

Android Operating System, came to balance this huge gap. Before then, there was no device that could stand the iPhone in terms of usability aesthetics, OS stability and appeal. However, when Android started shipping into other phones, that gap started closing up. With the latest Android OS, Jellybean, and high end devices like Galaxy S4, that gap is well reduced.

In other to take advantage of this Android OS, many phone makers, started making phones shipped with Android OS e.g Samsung. this have helped them to gain popularity. Even HTC that used to be a Windows Phone joined the group and become even known. 
Take Nigeria for example, where Nokia used to be the de-facto, Blackberry stole the market, Samsung dealt more damage, Tecno further reduced their market share. However Nokia, a former king in the Phone industry, couldn't fight back successfully. Although, they did tried as they ditched their Symbian OS and formed alliances with Microsoft to get back in the business. Well, That was a bad idea.
Nokia Lumia 920 & Samsung Galaxy S3

Nokia Lumia 920 & Apple iPhone 4S

Nokia Lumia 920 which is still the best nokia phone ever is not selling as you would expect and losses are being reported, yet, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy s3 even HTC are raking in sales. In fact one will notice that Android and iOS based phones are more prominent and sells faster in the market today.
One can ask what if Nokia had gone the Android way just like Samsung , HTC etc? Would the company be in a better situation?

I believe that if Nokia had opted to use Android on their devices, they would have made a better standing and show. 
As at now, the power of any Smartphone is based on the number of apps available for it and the number of developers willing to commit time to create something for the OS its running.
This is the problem blackberry is having and Nokia didn't learn from it.
Windows Phone app store is not as large as Android and Apple Store thus, it is easy to see why phones running Android OS will become popular.

In conclusion, Nokia already having the name and resources should have adopted Android as the OS of choice on their devices. If this was done, Nokia would have been in a better position.

These are my opinions, if you think otherwise that An Android based Nokia device won't change Nokia's predicament, drop your comments.


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