All About Smartphones: How To Fix Blank App Store Update Page

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How To Fix Blank App Store Update Page

Many people that recently updated their devices to the new iOS 6.1.3 have been facing numerous problems. One of them is the inability to update applications that needed updates from the App Store.

Usually, when the App Store is launched, updates page should reveal apps that needs to be updated and when you tap on those apps, the update should begin.

However, what we found was that, when the App Store is lunched, other pages like Featured, Top Charts, Genius and Search page displays information correctly. But when the Updates tab is tapped, it comes up blank. 
This issue is not only for iOS 6.1.3 but was also noticed from iOS 6.0 - 6.1.2.

If you found yourself in this situation and yo are not tired of updating your apps through iTunes, please follow the simple guide below to fix this.

  • Device should have a Internet data connection either Wi-Fi or Cellular

Step 1: On your device home screen, tap on Settings and tap on General

Step 2: tap on International and then tap Language

Step 3: Change your currently checked language to another language e.g British English

Step 4: After changing, go to App Store, and tap Updates and let it get your updates for you

Step 5: If Updates issue is resolved, you can go back to language and change it back to your preferred language.

However, if issue was not resolved, follow this next step

Step 6: From device home, tap Settings and click on General

Step 7: Click on Date and Time and click on Set Automatically

Step 8: Switch time Off and set date one year ahead of current year.

Step 9: Go back to App Store and try Update page again to be sure problem was fixed

Step 10: Go back to Time and Date settings and change Set Automatically to On again

Step 11: Go back to App Store and your updates should show up.

If this solved your problem, drop a comment.

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