All About Smartphones: iOS 7 UI Will Be Radically Different from Previous iOS Versions

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

iOS 7 UI Will Be Radically Different from Previous iOS Versions

Apple is set to surprise everyone when iOS 7 finally get released with a radically different but familiar user interface.
According to information exposed to three top Apple officials, John Ive's design will be implemented on the new forthcoming iOS 7.

Over the years, little change have been given to the Glassy, glossy, graphical & bulky User Interface (UI) of the iOS. This is the design that we have come to know, accustomed and loved but got tired of at some point - thanks to themes.

Just like Microsoft ditching its traditional look for a Metro streamlined UI, Apple is set to same for its mobile operating system.

Now, the game is set to change, with a lot of surprises in place for everyone. That familiar UI which we have known for too long will be eradicated and replaced with another familiar UI - a flat look and feel similar to the Windows Metro UI.
This is the hand work of John Ive who succeeded Scott Forstall; the new Interface design director for Apple, believes that its time for a flatter look to be implemented on iOS.

Although, its not surprising as flat UI its beginning to become a norm with mobile devices as with the likes of Microsoft, Google and Yahoo adopting the flat, simplistic style.

With this, we can't wait to get our eyes on the finished product and how it would look. However, we have an idea of the feel and look of the new iOS 7. 

What To Expect With iOS 7 User Interface

First, iOS 7 codenamed "Innsbruck" would have a flatter, more streamlined look and feel.  The glassy bulky interface of previous iOS firmware will be done away with and replaced with a flat UI much like that used in Windows Metro.

iOS 6 UI & Rumored iOS 7 UI

Secondly, icon sets, tool bars, notification center would witness a radical dramatic change, transforming all icons to a flat - like icons. Therefore, developers would have to begin making changes to adopt this new UI.

Finally, polarizing filters would be added to decrease viewing angles of on - lookers when glancing at the device.

This change is scary and exciting at the same time. In fact, the entire change will be the biggest change ever made to the iOS user interface firmware all from the stables of John Ive.

For those that don't know, John Ive is the guy with the white hat, the industrial designer and the emperor behind Apple’s many hardware successes like the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac computers but had never had any connection with the software designed to run on the hardware he designed until now.
Now that Ive is at the helm of affairs of the designing of the software as he has always wanted, this bold step of his will either be applauded or criticized.

Ultimately, the sales and adoption by all Apple fans will communicate the verdict - whether this new flat - like look is the boom or not. Well, a die hard Apple fan won't care in as much as its Apple

Stay tuned for more information as they are revealed especially when the WWDC 2013 commences.

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