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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tecno N7 Smartphone full Specifications & Features with Video

TECNO is the brand that have overtaken Nigeria by storm when it comes to phone sales. The prices of TECNO phones are very low compared to other kinds of phones with the same specs and function. 
In fact, Nokia that used to dominate phone market in Nigeria, has lost huge market share and have been replaced by tecno phones in the hands of low and middle class income earners.

Of course TECNO phones have always been though of as a silly China phone, but with the series of smartphones been released by this company e.g TECNO N3, D5 etc, one will say that the game is on especially with the new TECNO N7.

Have been asked by many people if I had seen the new and latest Tecno N7 smartphone developed by Tecno Mobile Industries, and I have always replied that I have not only seen but am presently using one.

In case you don't know, Tecno N7 is the latest and highest range smartphone made by Tecno Mobile and below are the specs and features of the device including a video here.

Operating System:                Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 
RAM:                                                    512mb 
ROM:                                                    4gb & 2gb  (there are two types of this device)
Processor:                                         1.2 GHz Dual core
Battery:                                               2300mAh 
Front Camera:                               0.3mp 
Back Camera:                                 5.0mp with powerful flash 
SIM:                                         Dual SIM both operational at the same time 
SIM 1slot:                                          Supports Edge, 3G and HSPDA 
SIM 2 slot:                              Supports only Edge 
Screen size:                                      5 inches 
Resolution:                            480 x 800 
SD:                                                         Comes with 8Gb memory expandable to 32Gb 
Bluetooth:                                        3.0 
WiFi:                                                    Yes 
Radio:                                                  Yes 
Case:                                                     Strong Plastic white back case 
Touch Screen:                              Yes, very sleek and responsive
Sensors:                                  G - Sensors, Proximity sensors, light sensor
Video & Audio Support:        Avi, mp4, mp3, ogg, mwv,....
NOTE: 4GB ROM comes with 512mb RAM but the 2GB ROM comes with 750mb RAM

Price: Price is between 29 - 30k in Naira. Slot a phone store located at Ikeja, computer village, sells for N30, 000, while some other stores sells for N31, 000. However I bought mine at another Tecno shop for N29, 000

It comes pre-installed with Whatsapp, Google+, Bible, Quran, Facebook, Twitter, Asphalt 6, Angry Birds etc. and I have installed AVG anti virus, Temple Run 2, Skype, Viber etc on it.
Am currently using this device and I can say that the price is okay. I have also included images so that u can see it for yourself.

This device is okay but not without a down side.
The down side is in the screen resolution and RAM space. I believe that TECNO should have increased the RAM to 1.0GB instead of its 512mb and also, the screen resolution should have been around 1200 x 1200 due to screen size. 
RAM issue is noticeable when a lot of apps are running in the background, and you try playing a game like Asphalt 6, it could hang for a while and get back into play. However, when some apps are stopped, game play is seamless and enjoyable.
This device is rootable. In fact Wondershare Mobile Go sees this device as HTC TECNO.

Obviously, a higher version of TECNO N7 will show up soon enough and I would like to trade in this N7 for that. 
I have included images and a video link here for you just in case you had like to see what this device actually looks like.


Obviously, the game is on for smartphone makers. If TECNO can come up with something as good as this, then we are sure that even better devices and tablet are in the works and would be released soon.

  • Solid build
  • Fairly good camera
  • Strong and long lasting battery
  • Low RAM
  • Low screen resolution
  • Possibility of operating system upgrades are minute
A comparison with Infinix X450 with Tecno N7 can be found here

Drop your comments to share your opinions or ask question regarding this device.


  1. This phone is good but I noticed a decrepancy in the ROM & RAM in the device and the one written on the pack.
    Why sir?

  2. does it has camera flash?

    1. Yes it has a flash nd a front cemera flash

  3. Sir, good day recently i can't use my play store it nomally show me error 912 i don't realy understand this and ino longer enjoy the application please can i have a contact to tell my story .

    1. Hello Jegede, solve the problem by following the instructions on this link http://matthill.eu/android/google-play-error-rpcs5aec0/

  4. Good day sir, my quest is all about how to change the default video format on my TECNO N7, which is gp to mp4. Tenx and GOD bless you

  5. Hellow
    I want to buy this phone but the problem is i dont know bcoz i had this huawei ascend y200 and i had this samsung s duos n had the same size of ram, i wanned to throw it off my building.......they had this problem of delaying when you open an app or the message pop up sayin maybe play store is not responding or whats app is not responging......plz help me for an advice or instruction either i shuld take n7 or not bcoz am afraid of running to the dame problem again

    1. You should go for the Tecno F7 aka Phantom A. Its 1GB RAM & Android Jelly Bean.

      Its 5 times better than N7 and u won't get any lag

    2. And between these two....ice cream sandwich and jelly bean wich one is the best os for android fone?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I am unable to download softwares that are in the phone, each time i try to the following error message is displayed: Error retrieving information from the server [RPC:S 5:AEC-O]
    Can you help on how to go from here?

  8. Use the solution here: http://appslova.com/android-fix-rpcs-5aec-0-error-while-updating-or-installing-apps-google-play-store/

  9. Thank you so much for sharing on this valuable information with us, I truly appreciate it.

    Click Here

  10. Anytime I want to update or install app from play store, it keeps on writing error from server 912. Pls help

  11. Is it possible to subscribe to data for a month like a blackberry, using tecno n7?

  12. Replies
    1. plz write how to subscribe for it for a month for all networks because i want to get the techno n7 and that is my only thought....plz write it... thank you

  13. @akin akinsanya:plz write how to subscribe for it for a month for all networks because i want to get the techno n7 and that is my only thought....plz write it... thank you

  14. @ akin akinsanya, please can you write down the networks that provide the service and how to go about it? Thanks

    1. latest Airtel and Etisalat BIS plans that work for your Android, iPhone phones and tablets http://phonegist.blogspot.com/2013/08/latest-airtel-data-plans-for-your.html

  15. @akin akimsanya, are the data subscriptions for those networks unlimited for the whole month as in unlimited downloading and browsing without exhaustion for the whole month???

  16. i bought my N7 a month ago and lastnite i try to on it,but it does not come up,i ve been charging the phone but it is not responding please what can i do.

  17. You can save yourself the stress by going back to the place you bought it to complain and get a replacement

  18. Does skype work PERFECTLY on tecno n7 and can the phone also play grand theft auto?

  19. Hello, I have a problem with my tecno n7. I can not download apps. there is an error message that appears every time when i start the download: "This apps could not be downloaded due to an error occurred (921)"
    Pleased to help me.

    bonjour, j'ai un problème avec mon telephone tecno n7. Au faite je n'arrive pas à télécharger les applications dessus. il y a un message d'erreur qui s'affiche à chaque fois que je lance le téléchargement : "Impossible de télécharger cette application car une erreur s'est produite (921)".
    Merci de m'aider

  20. Pls I have a little problem with my tecno n7 if I download a game nd want 2 play it,it is going to display FAIL TO LOAD RAM nd later FAIL TO LOAD INICIAL GAME pls advise me on what to do

  21. whats the solution to @Oluwaseum Onyeniyi's question

  22. Hello. Please can anyone help me with hehe recovery image file for techno n7. Recovery.img. Thanks

    1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rnss4hg2plpnosz/recovery%20for%20N7%20ported%20by%20rekeson.img

      That is a customized recovery.img image for tecno n7. Download it and rename to recovery.img

  23. plz sir bro i did ur first plane it work wela God blez u many many and upgrade u in evry area of ur life,
    and plz secondly i cant install google play service on my tecno N7 it saying not compatible with the other shared application plz hp me out.

  24. Replies
    1. Mr Abbey, sorry for the late response, office work.

      Google services, i remember when I was using N7, i couldn't install google services too cos it wasn't compatible with the phone. It usually take a lot of ram and space in the long run.
      One problem though is that without it, you may not be able to use YouTube, Google+ and some other apps.
      I will suggest you just forget about Google Services all together. I believe an upgrade of Operating system and phone is what may benefit you.

  25. on it i can use youtube on this n7 but with others which i download i cant used it, dat what required google play services.

  26. Plz my N7 is saying phone memory full when I don't even save anything on the phone, all my apps are on the memory card, plz what can I do, I can't install any app at this moment. Have even try to delete some of the app that came with the phone, too bad :(

    1. Follow the guide in this link to help solve the problem http://phonegist.blogspot.com/2013/11/how-to-free-up-internal-memory-space-on.html

  27. I have purchased my Techno M7. I enabled 3G and affected the network. How can i correct this.

  28. I have purchased my Techno M7. I enabled 3G and affected the network. How can i correct this.

    1. Maybe there's no strong 3G network around your area. If that's the case, switch back to 2G network.

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    pda specs

  30. Bonjour

    besoin d'aide URGENT

    Je n'arrive pas installer Services Google Play sur Tcno n7. Chaque fois c'est le même message : "Non compatible avec les autres applications utilisant le même identifiant utilisateur partagé."

    Merci d'avance

    Bakaye : bakayeibrahim@gmail.com

  31. Hello need help URGENT I can not install Google Play Services on Tcno n7. Each time it is the same message: "Not compatible with other applications using the same shared user ID." Thanks in advance Bakaye: bakayeibrahim@gmail.com

  32. First, that error is due to corrupt OS or if you installed a custom ROM on your N7. Follow this link http://goo.gl/nK0zAw for more info


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