All About Smartphones: How To Download Cracked Apps With AppCake and Vshare

Monday, April 8, 2013

How To Download Cracked Apps With AppCake and Vshare

AppCake and vShare are little applications that took the place of installous. We know install0us was that application that most people have on their jailbroken Apple devices to allow them install cracked applications. During its time, Install0us did a perfect job. However its gone now and AppCake and vShare have taken over.

For sometime, people had issues with downloading from these applications when installed, but the problem is resolved now and download can commence.
To get this app on your device, follow these steps.

Needed Items
  1. Jailbroken iPhone, iPad iPod
  2. Internet Coonection
  3. AppSync
Note: This guide is specific to AppCake but the steps are the same for vShare

Step 1: Launch Cydia from your device and tap Manage, followed by tapping Sources.
Step 2: Tap Edit and then tap Add. Put in the repo address as shown below for AppCake and for vShare.
Step 3: Click Add anyway when Cydia presents you with a warning and click Install and Confirm
Step 4: The source would be downloaded. When done, click Return to Cydia
Step 5: Navigate to sources and you will see the AppCake / vShare source

Step 6: Click on the AppCake or vShare source to reveal all apps under the source

Step 7: To download AppCake for iPad, you select AppCake HD and to install AppCake for iPhone, you select AppCake as shown in the image above.

Step 8: Click and install AppCake. Once done, a new icon with a star will show up on your home screen for AppCake. For vShare, a check-like icon will show up.

Step 9: Click on the icon and start using your AppCake or vShare to download apps

 This guide is for educational purpose only. The support of using cracked apps without purchasing original app after testing is frowned upon.

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