All About Smartphones: Comparison, Similarities and Differences: Blackberry Z10 & Q10

Monday, May 6, 2013

Comparison, Similarities and Differences: Blackberry Z10 & Q10

Blackberry released two devices running the new OS 10, Z10 and Q10. The devices are getting a good number of attention although not as much as Samsung and Apple devices.
With Blackberry Z10 being offered at $800 sim free and Q10 at $810 sim free, one may be confused as to why to should spend the extra $10 for Q10.
Furthermore, apart from the extra cash, what are the similarities and differences between the two?
Thus, the reason for this review and images below.
This should guide buyers into making a better more informed decision.

Blackberry Z10

Blackberry Q10

The image below gives you a better information in terms of comparison. A conclusion below to highlight the differences.

Q10 Specifications and features                                 Z10 Specifications and features

Differences from the two devices that would affect your buying decision

1. Z10  has no physical keyboard but Q10 has a physical keyboard

2. Z10 is lighter than Q10 in weight

3. Z10 display is sharper than for Q10

4. Z10 has no Wi-Fi Hotspot but Q10 has Wi-Fi Hotspot

5. Z10 has no FM Radio but the Q10 is equipped with a FM Radio transmitter

6. Z10 runs Blackberry OS 10 while Q10 is running Blackberry OS 10.1

They are both great smartphones, Blackberry, formerly RIM have done quite better this time. At least one can use Skype now just like other smartphones.

One thing all Blackberry users will miss on the Q10 is the absence of the trackpad that we are so used to - we are all going to get used to it or perhaps maybe re - introduced in future Blackberry devices.

After going through all the info above, making decision on Q10 or Z10 should be easier.

More images would be coming just to give you a better look into the devices in case  you don't want to go into the stores to check out for yourself just yet.

Therefore, stay tuned for more information especially for the upcoming R10 Blackberry smartphone

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