All About Smartphones: Teenager Dies Because of Apple iPad

Monday, May 20, 2013

Teenager Dies Because of Apple iPad

Gadget theft has become an issue in recent times and smartphones are not left out, especially Apple smartphones and tablets.

Although, its understandable to resist and fight back when someone tries to steal our belongings but most times, we learn to let go if the thief prove too keen and powerful. Not letting go can be very harmful and dangerous in some cities like New York, California, Pretoria, Lagos and Las Vegas.

On Thursday afternoon, a 15yr old boy lost his life in Las Vegas while trying to resist a thief trying to snatch his iPad from his hand.

The boy by the name Marcos Vincent Arenas was walking down the street holding an iPad when a white Ford Explorer SUV pulled towards the boy. Someone came down from the passenger seat and tried to yank the iPad from Marcos.
Marcos resisted and held firm to his device, since the man couldn't get it off at first try, he pulled the teenager towards the vehicle with his iPad and took off but Marcos still didn't let go of the precious iPad. In the process, the young boy was drag along with the vehicle on the ground and run over.

Marcus was pronounced dead in the hospital due to the serious injuries he sustained.
Police investigations are on-going however, a little boy lost his live.

Apple devices are very pricey and as such owners of Apple devices are targeted by thieves. 
In New York alone, iPhone and iPad thefts account for 14% of crimes committed in 2012, 35% in Pretoria and no less than 20% in some other areas like California, San Francisco etc.

There seem to be a huge market for stolen phones and the only way to stop this menace is for someone or company come up with an ingenious way of not allowing these gadget thefts from profiting from a stolen device. Until then, gadget thefts will be on the increase

The lesson in  this development is for one to keep expensive gadgets like Apple iPads, iPhones etc out of sight in public or less secured places especially in cities that have high crime rate

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