All About Smartphones: This is The New Gmail

Thursday, May 30, 2013

This is The New Gmail

Have you ever gotten pissed when important mails get overshadowed by less important ones? In fact sometimes you might have to scroll down the page to get to that important mail,  especially for those that receive so much mails.
Well, Google has done it again and decided to fix this. Hence, comes the new Gmail.
This new Gmail, which is available to both Desktop and mobile platforms seek to help organise all mails by placing different mails of certain types in tabs.
Consequently, if you have mails from say social media sites, a tab titled "social media" fills that inbox. These goes for other mail types. Tabs can also be customized and edited to taste.
The idea is to make it easier to access mails faster and this will in turn save time.
This new Gmail, Google says will role out in sessions in the next few weeks and would be configured by users from the mail options menu.
This suggests that it would be an optional feature that needs to be enabled and not forced on users.
See the official video released by Google.
Stay tuned as we notify you in time when it begins to roll out and the steps you would actually take to enable this new feature if you are excited about this new development.

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