All About Smartphones: TinyUmbrella Now Supports iOS 6.1.4

Saturday, May 4, 2013

TinyUmbrella Now Supports iOS 6.1.4

TinyUmbrella have been Updated to support iOS 6.1.4 firmware released by Apple few days ago for iPhone 5.

TinyUmbrella saved shsh blobs to your desktop computer and this latest update is version 6.14.00. The update also comes with but fixes.

Unlike iFaith which is only available for Windows computers, TinyUmbrella is available for both Windows and Mac computers. Consequently if you couldn't use iFaith due to your computer type, TinyUmbrella will be your choice software to save your SHSH blobs.
While the usefulness of saving blobs for iPhone 5 might be minute, it wouldn't hurt to have SHSH saved just in case its needed. 

TinyUmbrella for Windows and Mac can be downloaded from the link provided below. The procedures for saving blobs remain the same.

TinyUmbrella for Windows
TinyUmbrella for Mac

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