All About Smartphones: US Department of Justice vs Apple War Is On

Monday, May 27, 2013

US Department of Justice vs Apple War Is On

There's now a new wave of attacks on the fruit company Apple Inc. by the US Department of Justice.
It is almost as if Apple have sinned against this government as its observed with recent litigation brought against said company. 

Its almost as if the Goverment wants to punish Apple for something that we dont know about with all the flimsy litigations. 

It is said the more prosperous one is the higher the chances of getting enemies especially from the Government. This is the case with Apple Inc. of late due to the speed at which all kinds of law suits are levied on the fruit company. If its not patent suits it would be customer care suit.

The new one in the recent suit against Apple is from the US department of Justice which says that Apple is using every means (legal by the way) to avoid paying due tax. 

According to few senators championing this litigation, Apple have used a hole in the tax law to avoid paying huge tax. Apparently, Apple defended her case and as it is, it has never been said that Apple have carried out illegal actions, thus the case fizzled out.

Yet another bizarre accusation levied by the same DOJ is that Apple partnered    with book publishing companies to increase the prices of ebooks.

Since the initial accusation didn't go well due to criticism from other senators, this other means was devised. Apple CEO have said that "this is bizarre and ridiculous". Also Snyder said "what the government is trying to do is reverse engineer a conspiracy from a market effect".

While other publishers have bought their way out of this suit, Apple remains steadfast and ready to take on the battle. 

The trial is on and ready to continue for the next 3 weeks. 

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