All About Smartphones: Mouse Designed for Windows 8 devices

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mouse Designed for Windows 8 devices

Windows 8 is a great Operating System as some would argue, however, others would argue otherwise chiefly because of the removal of some core features like the Start button which has been in all Windows Operating System before Windows 8.
In fact, some have described this removal as a below to the face and ripped off of their strength when using the computer.

While the Redmond company is releasing an update (Windows 8.1) that would include the important Start button, the company also debut new kind  of mouse.

This mouse would have a Start button embedded in it either by the side of the Mouse or located on top as depicted in the images below. Therefore uses are no longer essentially required to click the Start button on the screen when using such Mouse.

Below are images of the new kind of Mouse.
This is a welcomed development and still wondering why it took this long for such an innovative idea to be implemented.

Well, it is now implemented and it will make navigation of the Windows OS even easier.

What is your take on this hardware? Drop your comments

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