All About Smartphones: Apple iOS 7, A combination of Intellectual Property

Friday, June 14, 2013

Apple iOS 7, A combination of Intellectual Property

Since the announcement of iOS 7 at WWDC on Monday 14th, there had been series of applause and resentment alike from both fans and non - fans of Apple.

This is mostly due to the huge alteration given to the latest iteration of iOS that makes it look as though it was a large replica of Windows phone 8 and or Google jelly bean.

However another story has surfaced suggesting that Apple copied intellectual property and embedded it into iOS 7 Photo App.

Apple being a company that is very apt to taking people to court for using their intellectual property without properly acquiring the rights was caught doing same thing as inferred by some people.

A feature called Moments built into iOS 7 Photo App which let users automatically organise pictures and videos based on date and location isn't a new feature at all.

Stephen Orth, who is a Seattle based indie software developer last month released an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to the App Store with the same functionality as Apple's Moments a month ago.
This app is known as Photowerks and cost just 0.99 cents.

According to Orth,  he had a feeling this would happen and therefore not surprised is idea was implemented in the latest iOS 7.

However,  it is totally possible that Apple had been working on this feature long time ago even before Photowerks was conceived or released. Consequently,  it could be a coincidence.

Since iOS 7 is due to be released publicly by September,  Orth can still keep making his cash until it's released and the app may become irrelevant.

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