All About Smartphones: Comparison: Tecno Phantom A, Infinix RACE Eagle and Samsung Galaxy S3

Friday, June 14, 2013

Comparison: Tecno Phantom A, Infinix RACE Eagle and Samsung Galaxy S3

It is no new news when it comes to smartphones company trying to out do themselves, bullying one another. sometimes its as if smaller companies are not even allowed in the competition. Well,some may be feeble in some countries, while some are strong in other countries.
TECNO _ Mobille is one of those smartphones that is strong in Africa and especially Nigeria and their smartphones are getting better to the point that it can be compared against some giant smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S3 and Infinix RACE Eagle.

Tecno Phantom A
If it were before, it would have been easy to spot the winner, but with the recent releases of TECNO and Infinix, it could become tricky to identify the boss especially when they are all Android devices. 

Anyway, I would leave you guys to decide who the boss is with the specification  comparison among these devices.

 Who is the winner now with all these comparison?


  1. Samsung Galaxy S3, like seriously why place an S3 with this guys. smh

    1. Checkout this full detail review

  2. This is nice but now people like and use Samsung galaxy S4. I am also using samsung galaxy S4.

  3. learnt tecno phantom has battery issues, how true is dat?

  4. I had to buy phantom because it almost matches s3....the price is awesome too. D screen is bigger.....dual sim, 4.1 jellybean...this phone is just too awesome 4 it's price.

  5. i go for phantom and channel the the balance of buying the samsung 4 other things


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