All About Smartphones: Fake BBM Application in the Google Play Store

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fake BBM Application in the Google Play Store

Just today, we have noticed a fake Blackberry Messenger in the Google Play Store that have been submitted and already getting downloads and points.

Already, 1,870 people have downloaded this application that could be either a malware or virus.

As stated, this application wasn't developed by Blackberry (formerly Research In Motion) company but made by some folks who are either trying to gain attention of Blackberry company or wanting to get inside the devices of Android users. 

Please be warned not to download this app. Blackberry haven't officially released the real Blackberry messenger and when it does we shall be very well pleased to let you know.

Stay tuned to this blog for information on when the genuine Blackberry messenger will become available for both Android and iOS devices.

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  1. Bro May God Bless u fr this Info. Ur simply amazing!! Thnx


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