All About Smartphones: Something Bigger than iOS Jailbreak On the Way

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Something Bigger than iOS Jailbreak On the Way

Something big is coming soon to the iOS community. This was the impression that we got from the recent tweet by one of the popular hackers out there by the name of Joshua Hill aka @p0sixninja.

He said according to his tweet as shown below that "I got a lot of amazing things coming to you soon. Think bigger than jailbreak"

We have no idea what he is really talking about, especially the phrase "think bigger than jailbreak" which is a huge topic in IOS community.

What can be bigger than Jailbreak? Bootrom Exploit for A5(X)/A6(X) devices? or something even huge? Something that will win the war between Apple and Jailbreak community for a longer period or ability to downgrade iPhone 4S and iPhone 5?

There's possibility that a bootrom exploit is in the works. 
You will recall that the last bootrom exploit developed by Geohot is still at work for pre A5 devices that allow them to be jailbreakable at least tethered.

Another bootrom exploit for A5 & A6 devices would be a welcomed development. If that happens, then we are sure of getting at least a tethered jailbreak on all A5 & A6 devices running latest Apple firmware perhaps.

Until then, lets wait till @p0sixninja aka Joshua Hill finishes his work and unveil that big thing he's talking about. 

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