All About Smartphones: How to Activate your IMEI Unlock With iTunes Without Restoring

Friday, June 7, 2013

How to Activate your IMEI Unlock With iTunes Without Restoring

For so many reasons one may have an Apple iPhone that is not activated making to function like an iPod instead of the phone its suppose to function as.

In order to activate it, you can request for IMEI unlock which is the best unlock solution. However, after requesting for such unlock and it becomes successful, the next thing is to connect to iTunes to activate it.

For so many, they already have applications and data on their unactivated iPhone. Consequently, restoring only for activating purposes isn't a palatable idea at all. This is where this guide becomes useful.

How to Activate your IMEI Unlock With iTunes without Restoring
Note: Before you can even ask for IMEI unlock method, the phone should  been activated with the official carrier.
Also, Internet connection is needed to successfully activate the factory unlock process.

1. If you have not jailbroken your device, its a simple process of you putting the unofficial sim in the device, plugging in your device to the computer and launching iTunes. 

2. Immediately, iTunes would detect device and the message "Congratulations your device has been activated" would be displayed. Immediately, network bars would show up.

3. For those with a jailbroken device, it may not happen as easy as that. 

4. First go to Cydia, Manage, Sources, Edit and tap Add and add repo

5. Click on Add Source and allow it to download the sources and packages.

6. Now search for Sam and install it. Go over to your home screen and you would see SAMPrefs as shown in the image below.

7. Click on Utilities and click on De-activate. After that you should click Revert Stockify. This will revert the hacktivation on it by the jailbreaking software.

8. Now unplug from iTunes, put in your unofficial sim card and plug back again.

9. Immediately, success stories will flood the screen "Congratulations your device has been activated".

That is it! your device is successfully factory unlocked.
You can also confirm with SAM by going to More Information options. Activation state should read WildcardActivated as shown in the image below.

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