All About Smartphones: iOS 7 beta 2 Now Available for Download

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

iOS 7 beta 2 Now Available for Download

iOS 7 beta 2 is now available and was released to developers for testing few hours ago.
This time around iOS 7 beta 2 is now available for iPhone, iPod, iPad and iPad mini with download links below available. 

Although, iOS 7 beta 1 had quite a  few criticism due to missing features and childish icons,  this beta iOS 7 beta 2 sought to fix that by improving and addition of new features which are presented below.

1. Voice memo is now included in this version
2. Apple's Siri male and female voice now in English.
3. Safari feels flatter and response faster.
4. General bug fixes to avoid incessant crashing of apps.
5. Stronger Wi-Fi password suggestions for Personal Hotspot
6. Messages now shows message sending properly, and delivered and read
7. Notifications are properly spaced.
8. New Exchange logo in Mail
9. Voicemail now works
10. Traffic option in Notification Center
11. iTunes & App Store settings are now combined in Settings
12. Much more responsive in general
More easy to read notification drawer, lighter effects and better close button.
13. Updated opacity / color in Folders background
14. Safari UI enhancements
With the above list of improvements and additions, it suggests that Apple is listening to its fans.
To get a feel of this new beta version of iOS 7, please use the link below to download and install on your devices. However developer account is needed to install this.

Download links for supported devices

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