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Monday, June 10, 2013

Leaked iOS 7 Features and Look

The wait to see what Apple have in store for us as regards the new iOS, new OS X, iPhone, iPad, iMac pro and iPod is almost over.
Today by 10am (Cupertino time) WWDC 2013 would kick off. This is what many have been waiting for and can't wait for it to start.

Highlight of the program of event is the unveiling of the next version of the mobile operating software iOS 7, followed by OS X and iRadio.

Talking of iOS 7, which is where the excitement is, John Ive, who is the chief developer and architect of the iOS 7 would be on the spotlight due to the radical change that he's implementing from iOS 6 to iOS 7.

Already a mockup of iOS 7 was made by the guys at 9to5mac after they had a sneak peek into the beta version of iOS 7.

According to this image, somethings can be deduced even though we are sure that this mockup doesn't even represent 30% look alike of the original thing.

First, we are now very sure that a flat UI is to be expected.

Second, colours would be rich and abundant in iOS 7.

Finally, familiar icons like Game centre would have a new icon.

As far as speculations go, it will end soon when WWDC starts an we can begin to see the main thing.

As usual, we shall keep you posted on all things going down at the WWDC 2013. So stay tuned to this page. 

What do you think about this iOS 7 mockup image?

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