All About Smartphones: New Feature Implemented in iOS 7

Monday, June 3, 2013

New Feature Implemented in iOS 7

For every new iOS come new features that are usually unveiled. Its a tradition that has been since the iPhone debuted. 
iOS 5 came with Notification center switch along with Siri and some other features, iOS 6 came with Apple 3D maps, Siri enhancements, Do no Disturb features amongst others.

iOS 7 won't be left out and recent news reaching us is that Apple is bringing the popular AirDrop feature found in Mac OS X to iOS 7 along with Vimeo and Flickr integration.

What immediately means is that iPhone users will now be able to transfer files between iPhones and Mac using wireless file sharing. This would make sharing of files between iPhones and Mac a whole easier than it used to be.
This is of course a great idea and we have not totally gotten all the info on this app and its extended features.

However, with the WWDC 2013 kicking off on Monday next week, we are sure of seeing what would be unveiled for the new iOS 7.

What are your expectations and things you want implemented in iOS 7? Let us know by dropping a comment.

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