All About Smartphones: Samsung wins case and Apple lost

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Samsung wins case and Apple lost

Battles are fought everyday in this present age and Apple vs Samsung is one of those battles that go way back and seems like it will never end.
While Apple is always in the attack and Samsung in the defense and the court is the middle ground where all the decisions are made.

Recently Apple filed a suit against Samsung stating that Samsung 10.1 inch tablet was an infringement and copy of the iPad's design.  Therefore Apple requested that the device be banned.

Yesterday in a Dutch appeal court Samsung was handed a victory verdict nullifying Apple's claims that Samsung copied and infringed on patents regarding the iPad's design.

The Dutch court ruled that Samsung had not infringed on Apple's rounded corners patent of the iPad. The judge noted that Apple's iPad isn't the first tablet with a rectangular shape with rounded corners and therefore doesn't have monopoly of such design.
He further noted that ”the  design of Samsung tablets differ enough from the iPad that an informed user could easily tell the difference.”

Samsung of course are thrilled with such ruling made on Friday as it would mean that the 10.1 inch tablet remains in stores and not banned as Apple was requesting.

One thing is sure,  Apple and Samsung court battles are not ending any time soon as it is now obvious that they are good enemies.

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