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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cool Apps For Your Android Phone

One of the beauty of owning an Android powered smartphone is the huge amount of applications available for download.

Indeed, the power of a smartphone lie in the number of tasks in can perform and also in the amount of apps available to achieve numerous tasks.

However, one of the problem one faces is that there are so many apps in the Google Play Store, about 800,000 but the quality and usefulness of most of the apps are very low.

Consequently, one spend a lot of time trying to figure which app to download and which one not to.
Below is a list of very good, stable and top notch applications for your android device.

There are more, but you could start with this. Also, if you have tried some other apps that are equally great, you can drop it in the comments section of this page.


1. Evernote: This is a productivity app that lets you take records, jot down things and make notes. Its easy to use and helps you remember everything across all your devices. It allows you capture images, record voice notes reminders and backs them up to the cloud so that even if you get another device, all your notes would still be intact. Its available for both Android and iOS platform and can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store

2. Music Maniac: Are you the type that loves to download music? Then music maniac is the app of your choice. It allows you download or just stream any mp3 music free of charge be it Spanish, Italian, Nigerian etc. The music file are of very high quality yet the sizes are small. Its available at the app store free of charge and doesn't contain any ads.

3. WordWeb: Dictionary is one of man's most useful tool. You confused about a word? Use your WordWeb dictionary. WordWeb have huge database of words and its also connected to wikipedia in case you need extended information. This app is stable, free and can be downloaded from the App Store.

4. Dead Trigger: All works and no play makes jack a dull boy. You looking for a nice game to play and have serious fun? Dead Trigger is one you should consider and with no dull moments. It has nice graphics and interesting. Who doesn't like to kill zombies? If you do then head to the app store to download this lovely game free of charge.

5. PrinterShare: Those that work with a lot of documents would love this one. This app allows you to print straight from your phone all your documents to any printer. Its fast efficient and doesn't disappoint.

6. Shazam: There amount of song in the world can't be quantified. Sometimes you hear a song  you like but don't know who sang it? Shazam should be your best friend in identifying those unknown songs. It helps you get the singer, album art etc. Its good for music lovers. Imagine the combination of Shazam and Music Maniac! Awesome

7. TechCalc: Accountants, Students and those that like money and mathematics would see this app as a blessing. Its the best calculator I have ever used in my life! Casio calculators don't stand a chance. You want to plot graph, do advanced calculus mathematics? This app should be on your phone right away. Go to the store and download.

8. Utorrent: My best friend! If  you like downloaded from torrent sites, the utorrent is your best guy for the job. Perhaps, only those that use torrent sites would understand how important it is to have a torrent downloader on ones phone. Its free of charge and can be downloaded from the Play store.

9. App2Sd III: Thank God for this app. Imagine having 32GB of external storage space wasting away while your internal memory is getting filled up due to apps installed on your device. What this app does for you is allow you move almost all your apps to MicroSD so that there is enough space on your internal memory while taking advantage on the huge memory of the external memory card. 

10. Roehsoft RAM Expande: Just as the name suggest, this app increases your device RAM so that you never get the low RAM message ever again. It converts part of your external memory card to RAM if there is need for it. Imagine having unlimited RAM size? Go to the play store to get yours for a small fee. This app needs root access to function, soif your device isn't rooted it wont install or work.

11. Internet Speed Master: Not everyone lives in a 3G environment or has very fast WiFi. Some depend on 2G, EDGE internet speed. With this app, your Internet speed would be boosted 200%. If you have 3G or WiFi, expect about 300% speed increase. This app works best with a rooted Android phone but can work with non rooted phones too.

12. Swiftkey: Wow, take typing to a whole new level on your smartphone. This keyboard makes it fun and easy to type while creating texts on your smartphone. Even when yo get tired of typing, you can just invoke the voice to text option using the mic. This app is all about making your text creation a lot easier and enjoyable.

13. Real Football 2013: Football is what bring a nation together at times. If you like to play soccer but don't have the skill, well you can do that on your phone with the latest version of real football 2013. This app is free of charge and can be downloaded from the play store. Go get it and start scoring goals.

14. AVG Anti Virus: We all know that Android is a vulnerable operating system when it comes to malware. With AVG, you can protect your device against malwares, virus and the likes. You can also track your phone in case it was stolen. You can make it ring out loud if lost and so much more. Go to the play store to get yours at no charge at all.

15. Logo Quiz & Modern Combat 4|Dead Zone: This game combination would make you never have a dull moment in as much as you have battery on your device. You think you know logos of popular brands? Try Logo quiz and if you think you know what war is like, try Modern Combat 4. Go to the store and find out for yourself.

16. Du Battery Saver: Imagine having all the aforementioned apps above and you dont have a way of monitoring your battery usage? You will find out that your battery runs out like no man business. That is why you need to preserve the juice of  your phone with this app. It helps you to optimize your battery and make your device stay alive for a longer period. Go to the play store to get this wonderful app for no price at all. Come back and thank me.

17. Droid Wall: This is the perfect app to make your data plan last longer. Honestly, Smartphones have a way of silently eating away your Internet data bundles.  With Droid Wall is the best app to save your Internet data bundles. 

Here you have it folks, 16 good list of excellent, quality and high standard apps to make your Android smartphone a superhero. I have personally tried all these apps on my rooted Tecno F7 and they are safe and stable.

Mind you, some apps can brick your phone or put it in reboot loop. Stay away from them especially theme apps, Chainfire 3D, Font Changer lite. Be careful. Read reviews before you download any app to  your Android phone

If you have more apps as there are lot of apps that I haven't personally tested myself but  you have used and safe, please feel free to drop its name below.


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  4. nice one bro, kudos

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