All About Smartphones: 41 mega pixel Nokia Lumia 909 Unveiling Date

Sunday, July 7, 2013

41 mega pixel Nokia Lumia 909 Unveiling Date

Nokia is set to unveil is powerful 41mp camera phone that would be running on the Windows Phone 8 operating system.

Although Pureview 808 also has 41mp camera but it is a symbian operating system phone.

Gone are the days when phones were used only for calling,  with the advent of smartphones, phones have become our everything including the camera we use to take powerful images.

To date, Nokia Lumia windows phone have one of the best camera one can think of and bringing 41mp camera to the WP platform would be a welcomed development to the fans of Nokia Lumia series.

This 41mp Nokia Lumia WP smartphone is called Lumia 909 and would be unveiled July 11th and would be available to AT&T customers. It will be of a polycarbonate design with 4.5 inch display and 720p resol ution. 

Will this huge camera spec increase the rate of adoption of this device? Well we shall be here to give you update on more specs and features during the unveiling of this device come July 

However, Nokia should know that people don't buy smartphones only for its camera but for its application base too and a smartphone is only as smart as the number of tasks it can achieve coupled with huge selection of apps. 

Or what do you think?


  1. Dis one is more or less a camera than a phone

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