All About Smartphones: Alleged Galaxy S4 Explosion Burns Down House

Monday, July 29, 2013

Alleged Galaxy S4 Explosion Burns Down House

A new report from China quickly made headlines news. This was as a result of a devastating explosion from smartphone according to the Chinese news agency

The rate at which smartphones are exploding in China is becoming worrisome. Its becoming like a horror movie now. 
Two weeks ago, a young Chinese woman was electrocuted when making calls with her iPhone 4, few days later, a 30 year old Chinese man was shocked to coma while using his iPhone. 

This time around, a young Chinese man got his house burnt while allegedly playing a game on his Samsung Galaxy S4.

According to this man, Mr Du, he was playing a game on his Samsung Galaxy S4 when it suddenly exploded into flames. Scared as shit, Mr. Du tossed the flaming phone across the room, where it landed under his flammable sofa and burned the entire apartment down. 

Thankfully, Mr. Du and his wife made it out of their Hong Kong apartment alive and no one was hurt by the exploding Galaxy S4. Du says that he was using all official Samsung gear, but thanks to the massive amount of damage to his apartment it’s going to be hard to tell if he’s being totally honest.
Samsung says it’s looking into the matter and will run a chemical analysis on the burnt rubble to see if it really came from a Samsung Factory.

Of course, this isn't the first a Samsung S4 is exploding. There was also news on a serious blow out of the battery 3weeks ago when a young man was charging and using the device. 

This is becoming worrisome and somethings needs to be done by smartphones manufacturers to avoid battery busting into flames, sending people to coma, electrocuting people and burning down houses in China. 
Also, users should only use recommended chargers and power sources and to avoid knockoff products. 

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