All About Smartphones: Samsung Is Doing Everything To Extinct BlackBerry

Friday, July 19, 2013

Samsung Is Doing Everything To Extinct BlackBerry

It is very clear by now that Blackberry is seriously grasping for breath in the smartphone market. All efforts to resuscitate the dying company is not yielding any significant fruit yet.

BlackBerry have been the device of choice for the US FBI agent for a while now.  One could say that it's still one of the reasons Blackberry is still relevant in a way.  However, it seems that privilege is about to end soon with the steps that Samsung is taking with the FBI.

It had been reported that Samsung want to conclude a deal that would make the FBI with over 30,000 employees to ditch Blackberry devices for Samsung devices.

If this should happen, Blackberry would be in deep mess.

Once the FBI sees Samsung devices as the device of choice, it would mean bigger sales for the Korean company. All other agencies,  Navy, Airforce etc will follow sooth. Security agencies all over the world would believe that Samsung devices have all the security that is needed and that would further put Blackberry in a tight spot.

Blackberry being a company that is dying already, it would be like the final straw for them.  It is therefore very pertinent that Blackberry try everything in its power to maintain the relationship it has with the FBI and other security agencies that have selected their devices for use.

If Samsung closes this deal with the FBI, Blackberry is one step to extinction.

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