All About Smartphones: Apple's New iOS 7 Would Reduce iPhone Theft

Friday, July 26, 2013

Apple's New iOS 7 Would Reduce iPhone Theft

Sequel to the last meeting held between smartphone makers and some government agencies including security experts concerning the rate at which smartphone theft are becoming more prevalent in the society especially the iPhone which as been stolen more than any other smartphone. 

Apple have made up a new way to deter thieves from stealing iOS devices.
This new feature which would be present in iOS 7 would help curb the rate at which iPhone, iPad  and iPod are stolen.

To achieve this, whenever one of these devices is stolen, it would become impossible to erase. Before one can erase any of these devices running iOS 7, one would need to input both the Apple ID and password of the owner.

Without these parameters inputted, the device won't allow the anyone to erase and restore the device.

This will definitely serve as a deterrent to iDevice theft. 
Although, it's a good way to reduce smartphone theft for iDevices yet it far from complete. 

Also,  other smartphone  manufacturers, Google and Microsoft, haven't revealed a concrete way to stop thieves from going after their devices or render it useless even when stolen.

LoJack would be the app of choice to achieve this feat as it's currently being tested for the possibility of being security app for reducing smartphone theft. 

Apple's method have been given a thumbs up by security experts and seems very promising. 

Of course, like any human initiatives, there would be flaws and that suggests that Apple's method won't cut it in the near future when a work around is implemented to bypass to security feature. 

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