All About Smartphones: Apple Releases iOS 7 beta 4 to Developers With New Added Features

Monday, July 29, 2013

Apple Releases iOS 7 beta 4 to Developers With New Added Features

Apple have released iOS 7 beta 4 today to its developers.  Although the release should have come before now but perhaps due to the recent security breach in Apple's Developer's website the beta 4 took this long.

As always iOS 7 beta 4 can be downloaded directly to your phone by going to the Software Updates section on your phone via Settings menu.

New features and enhancements have been added to those previously seen in beta 3. These new features and enhancements should make iOS 7 even more desirable. 

Below is the list of newly added features/enhancements.

1 Lock screen UI tweaked, no longer has confusing up arrow. 

2. Call button in phone app, Answer/Decline buttons refreshed.

3. Animations are noticeably faster
4. Minor changes to Spotlight UI

5. New ‘completed uploads’ option in Notification Center.

6. In Messages, it now only shows the first letter of the last name of the person you’re chatting with.

7. HDR On/Off button relocated in Camera app.

8. You can now swipe between Today-All-Missed views in Notification Center.

9. New AirPlay icons Shuffle All Songs option is back in Music app.

10. New search bar in Reminders app.

11. Improved navigation in Settings app.

12. Apple now asks if you want to “Help Improve Maps” when you first launch Maps app.

13. New “Improve Maps” opt-in program in Privacy section of Settings.

14. Tweaked icons.

15. Saved Password for Safari now asks you to setup an on-device password.

16. Pin in Maps app now shows estimated driving time to location.

17. New ‘Dial Assist’ feature in Phone app

18. Filters now available in Camera app for iPhone 4S (iPhone 4?)

19. New Q&A section in Siri’s info sheet

Also, this new beta version makes it clear that iPhone 5S would have a finger print sensor. This deduction was made after seeing the biometric source code like the one shown below.

Things are getting pretty interesting and Apple seem to be making good progress in making sure that the next iPhone with improved camera, processor and finger print sensor, become  a smash and the best iPhone yet. 

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